March 16, 2015: Tick Tock

March 16, 2015: Tick Tock

That subject line is not a reference to how little tiempo me queda on the mission. It's because Elder Torres has been sick a lot this week, and I've spent quite a bit of time in the apartment trying to keep busy and not go insane as time ticks by. It's good though, because is means I'm no longer able to sit and do nothing for hours on end without getting fidgety (take that, Internet!). It's bad though since Elder Torres is still sick. :(  Keep him in your prayers.

The time we did have out on the streets, though, were great. We found a lady, half Puertoriqueno but born and raised in El Salvador, who was baptized as a kid with her brothers and sisters, but is currently and active Jew with her parents. Now all you people outside the Rio Grande Valley might be chuckling at me right now, but this was one of the most exciting things of my mission! Everyone down here is some kind of Christian. This is gonna be a great change of pace. They're a great family, too, with three adorable tex-mex kids. She fed us the first day we met, how cool is that? (Well, it happens more than you'd think, but still.)

We celebrated Ultimate Pie Day by eating cake at a member's birthday party. Blasphemous, I know. (Mom sent an Ultimate Pi Day package full of Krispy Kreme pies but it's stuck at the mission home.)  

Well, I'll have another chance 100 years from now, right?

Also, I forgot to mention Tiwi.

Tiwi is our new best friend who lives on our windshield. I have to log in every morning, and Tiwi uses a state of the art system of GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope technology to keep track of when I'm speeding and driving too aggressively (sharp turns, hard bumps, screeching stops). He sends a report of my driving to the mission office at the end of every transfer so they can enforce disciplinary action if necessary. The Missionary department is rolling out Tiwis all over the US and Canada, so be ready, you.

I love you like Uncle Iro loves his tea.
~Elder Dylan Young