September 2, 2014: We Went to the Zoo!

September 2, 2014

First order of business:

We almost didn't go, even though the zone leaders promised me we would before I left
 Brownsville. I tried to stage a coup and rally the rest of the zone against me through a series of propaganda texts, but no one was on my side, so our apartment just went by ourselves.

One of these pictures is a sloth and a monkey and the other one is me with my new companion. Try to guess which is which!

Next order of business: I got a call saying I was gonna train! Yikes! I'm pregnant! I'm a father! But then it turns out I was just gonna go finish training Elder Lindsay, so I'm just a step-dad. I'm here now in Hidalgo, and living with my good friend Elder Christiansen. Although my stay in Brownsville was brief, I shall never forget the memories we made and the bonds of friendship we forged. Here's our district being studs:

So much has happened this week before me leaving, I don't even know what to talk about. Even outside of the zoo, we saw a wide variety of native South Texan wildlife I hadn't seen before, such as a bunny and a raccoon. They were both lying dead on the road, of course, but como quiera.

We found a super awesome guy named Ezekiel. He stopped drinking a few months ago and is super willing a ready to get closer to God in order to turn his life around. Not only that, but he understood the Restoration perfectly the first time around and loves the Book of Mormon. He also makes us pollo asado all the time. Unfortunately, he is moving outside of the area. Fortunately, so did I, so I don't have to be bitter about it. Elder Sessions gets to watch the other Elders work with him.

Spiritual thought for the week:
Doctrine & Covenants 4:Therefore, ye that embark in the service‍ of God, see that ye serve‍ him with all your heart, might, mind and strength,that ye may stand blameless‍ before God at the last day.
What do you think it means to serve God with ALL of your heart? Where are your desires? What do you love more? How about ALL of your might? ALL your mind? ALL your strength? As missionaries, that's what's expected from us. And as members, the time given to fulfilling callings and sharing the gospel should require ALL of it as well.

LOL! (meaning: Lots Of Love!)
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