August 18, 2014: Buzz Lightyear to Star Command

August 18, 2014: Buzz Lightyear to Star Command

This week we've been talking and singing songs like the guy from Pearl Jam.

"Mine eyes have seen the glahry of the coming of the Loarhd, He is trampling out His vintage wheah His grapes of wrath are starhd..."

"Pear Jam Guy, why to talk like that?"
"What do yah meahn?"

It's extra entertaining in Spanish.

We don't have too much to report this week. All of the district and zone leaders went to McAllen for 3 days for a super training, so Elder Sessions and I worked with Elder Berger down here and covered our both areas. Which meant we got a car! Whee! And also we got fed a ton! Yipee!

We've had a lot of little miracles this week, always right when we needed them to boost our animo. Por ejemplo, we had a church tour set up but the investigator never came. :( But then, we stopped by her house later that day and found her, and she asked if we still wanted to go do it, so we went to the church and for some reason there were tons of members there (some primary activity or something) so we had a great tour! And she brought her cousin from Matamoros (Mexico)! Yaaaaay!!!

Since the border fence doesn't go right along the river, we got to visit members on the other side this week with Elder Berger. Craaaaazzyyyyyy.

So this week we'll be getting mini missionaries. What they do down here is for a week ever summer, youth from 16 on up can sign up to go down to another town/ward for a week and work with the missionaries almost 24/7. They stay with members, but they study with us in the mornings and everything. With us being the only missionaries in the zone without a car, our mini missionary(s) will be getting the short straw. Except that we're super special awesome so it's actually a pretty long straw.

Sprichual though: just watch this video.

Sorry I have no pictures this week. I'll try not to be a failure next time.

With all my love plus some,

Elder Dylan Young