March 23, 2015: Road Trip!

March 23, 2015: Road Trip!

Elder Browning needed an MRI, so we packed our bags, loaded our district into the van and took a trip down to Brownsville for P-day!

We took advantage of the situation to go digging for some more ties. It was the first time for most of the missionaries. I thought I was over my tie addiction, but boy was I wrong.
In other news, we had a great week. We got to do a zone blitz up in Rio Hondo, and Elder Young and I got to work together! He's cool because we are the same, and also he and Elder Pope went to high school together. We as missionaries get asked often enough if we're brothers just because we're both named Elder (because that's how brothers work), so imagine everyone's surprise when we had the same first AND last name.

I got to whip out the good ol' Plan of Salvation laminated object lesson, where every phase of life is represented by a planet or cloud or something with an adorable smiley face, and the kids loved it. In one way or another, the gospel of Jesus Christ makes you happy. So everyone come listen to the gospel!

I loves you all, 'cuz yous are mah peeps.

~Elder Young