September 22, 2014: Of Birthday, Baptisms and Bubbly Things

September 22, 2014: Of Birthday, Baptisms and Bubbly Things

Imagine me biking around, in a white shirt and tie no less, with a machine attached to the back of the bike that blows bubbles like mad. That was one of the birthday present I got this week.
Speaking of birthdays, Ximena got baptized yesterday! Yay! Here we are looking snazzy.

She's a boss. She even brings to Book of Mormon to school and reads during class (we'll just let her keep doing it until she gets caught).

Hilariously, the font at this building didn't want to drain either. But at least the water was clean. We left the drain problem to the other Elders.
Oh hey did I mention I had a birthday? I completed my 21st year of mortal existence. How quaint. Unfortunately the church down here didn't put together a Dia de Independencia de Mexico party for the 16th like they should have, but we made our own parties.

Choco flan, baby. Plus Elders Lindsay, Thornton and Christiansen bought me a cheesecake. We've been eating cake for days.

We had zone conference on Wednesday and it was as inspired as ever. The two main focuses were on improving our teaching skills and working a lot with the members of the church who don't come. Teaching skills was kind of a new focus with President Maluenda, he normally focuses on love, obedience, hard work, great attitude and animo. Not that we suck at teaching or anything, but we did just find out that we're doing 2-hour district/zone wide role play/practice sessions 5 days a week for the foreseeable future. So I guess we do need some help...

Anyway, on Thursday we had a family history/indexing class for missionaries so we can know how to help the members get into it more. Then on Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference and the entire focus was on the temples and family history work. After all, the temples really are the house of the Lord. They let us make promises with God so that we can be happy forever. And when we focus on the temples, especially as a family, then we're really focusing on the Lord. Isn't that neat?
I wanna close just giving a shout out to Elder Renshaw and his amazing musical talents. Someday the entire world will hear his new hit single, "Greater Love." I'll style y'all a sample:
"Half our heart, and half our might,
Will not suffice.
Like our Savior, we must truly
Boooooooooom. You like?
I love y'all from the bottom of my belly. It's by far the biggest part of me.
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Elder Dylan Young