October 6, 2014: Conference!

October 6, 2014: Conference!

General Conference was fantastic. Isn't it great how the supreme creator of the entire universe loves us enough to talk to us directly twice a year through a bunch of inspired old people? Watch it if you haven't yet: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/watch/2014/10?lang=eng&vid=3820979006001
It's worth it. Once you try it you'll be hooked.

Nothing else out of the ordinary happened to us this week. Between four hours of studying and two hours of teaching practice (or "Lab Sessions" as we call them) every day, we find ourselves without much time to, you know, be missionaries. But the Lord helps us out.

On Saturday we went to IHOP as a zone, which made me happy. But then I got a horrible migraine and missed the afternoon and priesthood sessions, which made me really really sad. I'm craving Internet time the next few weeks so I can catch up on all of the life-changing advice I missed out on. I can't believe anyone in the world would willingly not go and listen to conference.

I what I did see of general conference, I caught a couple of themes throughout the sessions. One was love. God our Father loves us immensely. Therefore, we should seek to increase our love for them by studying the scriptures and speaking with Him in prayer. Entonces, we need to be filled of God's love so we can help the world see how much He loves them, too. <3 font="">

I really can't stress the importance of conference. If my emails are lacking the next few weeks it's because I'm catching up on conference.

In case you forgot.

Con todo cariƱo,

Elder Dylan Young