November 3, 2014: Of Spooky Fiends & Sugary Things

November 3, 2014: Of Spooky Fiends & Sugary Things

Happy Halloween, everybody! Ooooooooh!

I went as the faceless bicyclist. It doesn't have the sang ring as the "headless horseman," but it's a much more relevant threat in modern society.

So yeah, on Wednesday we had the ward Halloween activity Trunk-or-Treat. Everyone and their dog was there, it was a blast. The best costume award would've gone to Edgar with his bacon suit, if the best costume award was a thing. The Elotes a la Mexicana (corn on the cob smothered in butter, mayonaise, chile sauce and parmesan cheese) were a huge hit as well.
I'm not a big fan of Mexican candies. Mostly because they're all chili pepper flavored. What's up with that? (studio laughter)

On Thursday we all worked in Bentson Lake for a few hours. We called it the Stampede. When discussing the state an area should be in after being stampeded, words such as "demolished," "wrecked," and "pooped on" came up, so our war cry was "Poop on Bentson Lake!" So, when a bird pooped on Elder Lindsay, it was the funniest thing that's happened all week. (studio laughter)
On actual Halloween night, we stayed in the apartment and did weekly planning. Definitely the hardest three and a half hours ever to stay focused. Especially after we put a chile de monte inside of a marshmallow ghost and fed it to Elder Christiansen. (studio laughter)
On Sunday, everyone got sick and nobody came to church, but it happens. The good news is that the awesome family that just moved into the ward has a cunada (sister in law) who knows the church is true and wants to get baptized. Plus, we get to poach her from Mexico since she's up here every weekend! Yay! It's a dream come true!
Have a zippidee-doo-da week!
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