December 8, 2014: Sorpresa!

December 8, 2014: Sorpresa!

 This week was full of surprises, some unfortunate, some joyous.

On Monday at 6:00, we got a call out of the blue saying that Elder Lindsay was actually getting transferred to Donna. Thankfully we had enough time for him to go say bye to the members. We were pretty bummed, but he'll love it over there (I started in the Weslaco and Mercedes wards, where he'll be going). Plus he gets a car, lucky duck. And we'll see each other at the valley-wide Christmas zone conference in a couple weeks.

My new companion is Elder Hancock from Oregon. He's a goober.

And Elder Christiansen's new comp is Elder Chacin from Venezuela.
The O-district may have fallen, but the South District shall rise to power.

On Saturday we had zone meeting (Elder Casteel is our ZL again! Yay!
(His health problems are all gone.) During zone meeting we made
graham cracker gingerbread temples. Ours won.

We also discovered that on New Year's Eve we will be watching Disney's Frozen. I almost peed my pants. I probably will when we watch it. Remind me to report on my pants-peeing status in a month.
Yesterday evening we got to see the Christmas devotional, it was brilliant as always. The moral of the story is to love with all our hearts. That means making sacrifices, not grudgingly, but because you know that to truly be happy you gotta make others happy.
I Love You!

~Elder Dylan Young