August 25, 2014: Wazzaaaaaaaap???

August 25, 2014: Wazzaaaaaaaap???

For the entirety of this email, imagine you're watching me as a little blue hologram coming out of R2-D2's little projector.

I have learned this week that Malt-O-Meal brand Golden Puffs cereal make your pee smell like Golden Puffs cereal. I imagine the name brand cereals General Mill's Golden Crisp and Kellog's Honey Smacks have the same effect. But don't take my word for it! Try it yourself!

This past week, the Harlingen stake had it's "Mini Missionary" program. All of the youth who wanted to sign up went and worked with the missionaries all day every day from Monday to Saturday, from studies 'till planning every night. It was a blast. We had a blast. We got Ezekiel and David, and switched off every other day. Here we are looking good.

Ezekiel, a shy kid, but he opened up and got a lot more confident talking to people as time went on. David doesn't speak a lick of Spanish, which confused everyone we talked too. (Because I do and I'm super flipping white even though I've tanned a lot the past few weeks). David also may or may not have got me all caught up on the latest Zelda news.

During zone meeting this week, Elder Paulsen (who goes home in 9 days) said something that really struck me. Missionary work shouldn't be like our day job. It shouldn't be routine. We're here changing lives. They had three of the mini missionaries go up and share their testimonies, and one of the guys, a recent convert, brought the Spirit so strong into the room with just his simple, unshakable faith in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of the fancy rhetoric and teaching skills in the world don't hold a match to pure faith. We as missionaries, and really everyone, needs to slow down every once in a while and look inside, to remind ourselves what it means to say "I know this is true." What does your testimony means to you? How much do you value your testimony?

I love you all like Winnie the Pooh loves his honey. And I mean it.
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Elder Dylan Young
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