November 24, 2014: You Are Invincible

November 24, 2014: You Are Invincible

That was probably the number one thing I learned from the conference with Elder Bradley D. Foster from the 70 on Thursday. Of course, I learned a gazillion things, but I'm still trying to sort them all out in my head.
Another thing we learned about was Catching the Vision. God once said, "For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Try to wrap your heads around that for a minute. God, the supreme ruler of all creation, loves us so much that he cares more about our eternal joy than anything else. And whatever it takes to get us there, he'll make it possible.

What else happened this week: we had the ward Thanksgiving party, it was a blast. I ate so much food... it was a good warm-up for Thursday. Thankfully, a lot of our members aren't really doing anything for Thanksgiving since here is quite a bit more Mexican than Weslaco, where I spent last holidays. But we've got some plans already.
Case in point: Spanish signs
Another fun adventure: we got kicked out of a gated community this week. We honestly were only trying to visit some members... this time... But I'm sure we'll win them over somehow.

Yesterday I was put on the spot to translate Sunday School for President Wong from the Stake Presidency (as you may be able to guess, he doesn't speak Spanish). Apparently I'm a ward celebrity now.
Whenever we drive, we're going to have our cameras ready at all times, just because we know that people load ridiculous amounts of crap into their pickup trucks:

This is only the beginning. We also saw a forklift dragging a pickup across the ground. That was a blast. One can't help but call out "Viva Mexico!" when you see stuff like that.

The Nickels are hilarious crazy old people. Brother Nickels is an old deaf Vietnam vet who has been a member for years, and his chiflada Mexican wife decided she wants to be baptized. They're great.
I just love everything and everyone so much. I invite you all to do the same.
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