March 2, 2015: Sunrise, Sunset

March 2, 2015: Sunrise, Sunset

The transfer calls didn't come in until like 10:45 Monday night, but they came. And I'm training! Kind of. My new comp, Elder Torres, is from Massachusetts. He served for about a month in Argentina before getting reassigned here. So still plenty green. He's also one of those Latinos that never really learned Spanish growing up, so even though he picked up a lot already, we get lots of funny looks when I speak Spanish.

Like these ones

Here he is asleep on the floor after praying the other night.
We're hilarious.

He's a boss, though. He was baptized just a year and a half ago, but look at him now, out preaching the gospel with the big boys.

​There's not a ton to report this week, other than the fact that I got some kind of stomach virus or something yesterday, which put a damper on the day. But today I already ate a full bowl of corn flakes, so everything's gotta be in order.

Spiritual Thought: Just keep the darn commandments, yeah?

More pictures coming anon. I love you all like curly fries. If I had a choice between curly fries and you, I would pick you.

~Elder Young

Me and my posterity at transfers

Eric getting baptized last week. He even got up and bore his testimony yesterday, that little spiritual goober.