November 17, 2014: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. . .

November 17, 2014: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. . .

I walked into the library and there were no Christmas trees. I just looked behind me to see a 12-foot tall tree covered in ornaments, and they're still decoration it, 6 feet away. It's a Christmas miracle.

The sheer volume and complexity of the Christmas lights here in Hidalgo, TX is incredible. They've been setting up for weeks and it looks like they're just getting started. If I get transferred before Christmas my heart will be broken.

This week was a little bit frustrating. We've been having to deal with a lot of really annoying, hateful people who've been keeping their friends and family from enjoying the blessings of the gospel. To me, it doesn't seem like it would be a hard choice: If you want to be happy, you can do what the smiling, composed, helpful missionaries say to do, or you can listen to your angry, yelling, drunk boyfriend/relative/etc. Thankfully, a lot of people are working really hard to choose the right. Unfortunately, some are choosing to choose the wrong. But it's their loss.
And it's so true how much happier you can be with the gospel. Not are all of our plans falling apart around us, but a lot of members are going through some super tough times. But it's so obvious the difference in those with a strong testimony of God's plan. They're so much stronger. I just wish so bad that everyone had that.
This week was "3 Day Training" as well, though, so all the leaders from around the mission stayed here in the mid-valley for all day trainings and lectures. That was cool. We had Elder Astle from Corpus Cristi stay in our apartment, and Elder Thornton worked with us. Elder Pope delivered to me through Elder Christiansen a handmade tie, and it was literally everything I could have asked for.
I don't know why 40 degrees feels so unbelievably cold down here, I've definitely been colder. Part of it is biking in the rain all day with the wind and everything, but still. I feel like a pansy.
The good news is, I found this gem in Pharr:

The work carries on, ladies and gentlemen. 

Elder Dylan Young