October 27, 2014: Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked

October 27, 2014: Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked

I prefer whistling.
We've still been on foot this week, hopefully Elder Lindsay's rash clears up pretty soon. I miss the wind in my face and sound of my screaming thighs.
We had a good family home evening with our Ward mission leader, and basically everyone and their dog was invited. It was a lot of fun, even though I don't think he's quite sure what family home evening is. Even Kenny, the blind guy who wanders the streets of Hidalgo all day, showed up.
You'd think we would be pros at finding rides, considering how often we do it to bring people to church, but we didn't have a ton of luck. It was great though, on foot, getting to talk to more people on the streets and enjoy the Halloween decorations. It's funny how "El Dia de los Muertos" hasn't transitioned at all to here; Halloween is a puro americano holiday.
I did a surprise exchange with Elder Christiansen on Thursday. It felt great biking for just a day. Also we ate at Subway.

We had surprise interviews with Presidente Maluenda on Friday! Whoa! We all need a good self-evaluation every once in a while. I already feel like a better person.
On Saturday we had the wedding/baptism extravaganza of the century with Ana Karen and Mauricio Ramos. They looked great, I'm trying to get a picture from the other Elders. Afterwards we all ate weird sweet chicken salad, a Mexican tradition I guess?

We've been teaching a great family, Irma with 2 12-year-old granddaughters, and her 9-year-old spazz grandson David, and they came to church yesterday! It was a fantastic day to come, too, because the long-awaited primary program had arrived. I love watching kids lose focus during their own solos and repeat unintelligibly what their parents are mouthing to them from the back rows of the chapel. Even David went up and sang along, without having a clue what was going on. It was great. Also the Ramos's kid dropped his pants. No shame.
Sorry this week was kinda long, so here's the world's largest killer bee covered in Christmas lights.

​Con mucho amor,

Elder Young