December 1, 2014: The Christmas Countdown Begins

December 1, 2014: The Christmas Countdown Begins 

We already have three different advent calenders hanging in the apartment.
But before I get ahead of myself, Thanksgiving was a blast. Mostly. Thankfully, we only ate three times, but regardless I still feel full to this day. The poor Hidalgo Elders had 5 meal appointments, bless their hearts. The only food in our fridge right now is leftover pies and cakes. The entire fridge.

It was great though, especially when we decorated hand-turkey gingerbread cookies (thanks, Mom!) Everyone loved it, especially Hermana Arrambide. She pulled out her professional frosting decorating tubes and went to work. But I think Elder Christiansen's takes the cake:
Not actually a turkey, but who cares.
Saturday was a blast as well, seeing as it was the day of the stake talent show, McAllen West Stake's Got Talent. I love that the acts switched back and forth between English and Spanish so smoothly; only in the valley. Highlights:
A jammin' live performance of "La Cobra" by the Mission II youth, probably my favorite Mexican song (look it up!*). The saxophonist just knew her stuff, ya know?
*if you're not a missionary
"Let It Go" from Frozen sing-a-long, with accompanying video clips (It looks so goooooood oh my goooooooosh).
Me playing on my Ocarina while the missionary choir sang Praise To the Man. Now that everyone knows I play a magic flute thing, they won't let me rest.

As far as transfers goes, Elder Lindsay and I are both staying! Yay! A bit of a surprise. Elder Thornton is leaving, as well as both Elders Wright and Browning, which means their area is probably closing again. The O-district will never be the same. ("O" is for "offense")

In other news, if I had been born with an extra X chromosome instead of a Y one, I'd be going home in two days. How crazy is that? Thankfully I get six more months to try and figure out what I'm doing. As Elder Roylance, our dying zone leader, shared with us:
"And exhort you to remember these things; for the time speedily cometh that ye shall know that lie not, for ye shallsee me at the bar of God; and the Lord God will say unto you: Did not declare my words unto you, which were writtenby this man, like as one crying from the dead, yea, even as one speaking out of the dust?" (Moroni 10:27)
The clock is ticking! Gotta go fast!
Speaking of the clock ticking, here's a sneak preview of the Hidalgo festival of lights:

I'm literally squealing with excitement.
Love y'all dawgs.
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Elder Dylan Young