February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

I love seeing the little things that the gospel does for us. We all talk about the big things and great changes it makes in our lives, but we don't see them as often because they take time. We notice them more looking back. But little bitty fruits of the Atonement spring up in our lives all the time, and they're easy to miss if we're not looking for them. I admit I haven't been keeping good track of them recently, and I journal writing has gone down the tank. But starting now I'm going to do better. I mean, sure, we're going to remember every little detail after we die, but I for one would rather not wait that long.

We're helping a great guy, Jesus, through some troubles right now, but he's super stoked to make it back to church.

Our buddy Eric may be the craziest 16-year-old on the planet, but we love him to death.

This weeks district meeting was based entirely around that primary song about how faith is like a little seed, which, if planted, will grow. Lots of pictures and cuteness.

We were fed more this week than probably the last 3 weeks combined.

We removed an old faucet and installed a new fancy one for some members.

I went on an exchange with Elder Harmon, during which an old blind lady told us about when her dog got baptized. Later, Elder Harmon saw a crazy, middle-aged, overweight guy standing naked inside his house. Thankfully his brain has already blocked out the memory pretty well.

We had a fun zone meeting, and I totally destroyed the move-a-cookie-from-your-forehead-to-your-mouth-without-using-your-hands game.

We're going golfing today, for my first time ever, so wish me luck or a broken leg or something along those lines.

LOL! (That stands for "Love ya lots!")

~Elder Dylan Young