February 2, 2015: Om nom nom

February 2, 2015: Om nom nom

I've eaten more than two quarter-pounders with cheese this last week. I regret nothing.
But one of the two original Iwo Jima memorial statues is here in Harlingen, for some reason. 

Elder Harmon studies by candlelight because our apartment has minimal light fixtures.
 We knocked on a door late the other night literally just in time to end an argument and stop someone from getting kicked out of the house, so that was exciting, too.

I went on an exchange with good ol' Elder Renshaw as well. Unfortunately, his guitar is currently broken, so I missed out on the best part of the exchange. However, we DID get to se a photo of a tortilla with Madre Maria burned into it, so that was exciting.

This week was super full and busy, but looking back I have no idea what happened. On Thursday we had a surprise zone-wide exchange. I went to the Aeropuerto area with Elder Malovich. We had a blast, even if my bottom is still sore from riding on Elder Serra's bike all day. 

Sorry if the email's a little scattered, because so am I, if that makes sense.

Today's spiritual thought is brought to you by Moroni:

And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.
It's fairly straight forward, isn't it?

If that's not enough spiritual thinking for ya, just watch this video again:
http://youtu.be/PrLoWt2tfqg  You shan't regret it.
~Elder Dylan Young​