March 9, 2015: Wet and Wild

March 9, 2015: Wet and Wild

But maybe not so much on the "wild" part.

McAllen broke a record daily rainfall yesterday, so that was moist.

This week was a blast. We had zone conference! So I guess that was kinda wild, in a spiritual sense. We talked a ton about faith and using faith to make things happen. Fear is the opposite of faith, as we all know. I realized I've written down a lot of the same notes about what I could do better during every single zone conference. So I guess that means it's time to do something about it, right? Boo-ya.

There were two baptisms during the week as well, which obviously were wet, and they both went great. The power of God really is made manifest and felt the strongest as we participate in ordinances. So good.

We met this cool family with at least 13 kids in the house. The oldest is like 15, and the rest are no older than 11. It was hard to count for sure, they were running around haciendo travesuras pretty wildly. Except for when they all stopped what they were doing and recited Juan 3:16 in unision. It was adorable and somehow intimidating all at once.

Elder Torres has been up and down with some health issues all week, and Elder Cannell had explosive diarrhea yesterday. I puked my guts out last week, which means Elder Browning is next. Mwa ha ha haaa.

It's cheesy, but so true. God's love is bigger than anything we can imagine. It's "unfailing," or like constant and never missing. All we gotta do is go look for it.
Peace out, boy and girl scouts!
~Elder Young