May 18, 2015: "poof"

May 18, 2015: "poof"

That's the sound of my mission fading away into the past.

The past week was great. We had our 3-day training in the McAllen area, and even though I didn't get to visit any of the areas I had been in before, I really enjoyed working with some amazing, super faithful missionaries.

On Saturday we performed our missionary musical fireside. It went really well, especially considering how much of it was thrown together at the last minute due to people falling through. I have no videos, since I just found my camera charger while packing this morning. :( But that's what Facebook is for. :)

On Sunday we the missionaries were in charge of "Missionary Sunday," but the rest of the district had to run it without me since I was suddenly whisked away to McAllen to have my last interview with President Maluenda (it was scheduled for today but got moved). So I missed church my last Sunday on the mission, which was pretty weird. I got back right after everything ended, so I got to see at least some people. Plus, we stopped in Las Milpas on the way back and got fed surprise spaghetti by some members which was great.

As for the actual interview: the future looks bright.

The past two years have been amazing. Absolutely fantastic. I wish I would have learned to appreciate it more before it went flying past. It's kinda a microcosm of life, you know? Life is full of so many opportunities and experiences. We just have to make them happen. It's full of ups and downs, too. But we can always decide whether to be full of faith and hope or start dragging our feet. I'm so glad is here to help us to do the former, no matter what trials we go through. I know He lives, and that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that He loves us so much that He suffered all the pain and guilt and sorrow the world would ever experience so that we wouldn't have to.

I would keep testifying, but I think Peter said it best when he wrote, "Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full."


~Elder Dylan Young

Elder L. Tom Perry gave a talk in Oct. 2001 general conference to returned missionaries.
  •  “One of the strongest recollections I have of being a missionary is how close I drew to the Lord through the practice of regular prayer. The frequency of our appeals to our Father in Heaven gave us strength and courage to press forward in the work to which we had been called. Answers would come, sometimes in astonishingly direct and positive ways. The guidance of the Holy Spirit seemed to be magnified the more times we appealed to the Lord for direction on a given day.” So, his first point is that we need to keep that missionary spirit through more frequent, consistent and mighty prayer.
  • "The next fond memory I have as a missionary is that of daily engaging in scripture study. The discipline of following a scripture-study plan of learning the gospel was a wonderful, rewarding experience. The knowledge of the teachings of the scriptures would unfold in a glorious way through individual study. We would also take an hour or more each day to study as companions together. Having two sets of eyes examine the doctrine of the kingdom seemed to multiply our understanding. When we leave the mission field, we no longer have companions to help us discipline our study habits, but that does not mean that the practice should be discontinued. As we return home, how great it would be to hold daily family scripture study. If we leave home, couldn’t we invite roommates and friends to study with us?”  Study as a family too!
  • "Opportunities to teach the gospel and baptize are not exclusive to those who wear the badge of a full-time missionary. I want to promise you there are great blessings in store for you if you continue to press forward with the zeal you once possessed as a full-time missionary.” Missionary work will always be a part of our lives as we serve as visiting and home teachers and as we simply try to be good neighbors. We will still have people miss appointments too but we can continue to try.

May 11, 2015: One Week Moooooooore!

May 11, 2015: One Week Moooooooore!

Can you hear the elders sing?
Singing the lyrics "Hasta ver"?
These are the words you hear when stuck between
Excitement and despair.

When the Spirit in your heart
Tells you you've worked and served your best,
It's time to see your home and family
And get some rest!

Being this close to "dying" puts you through a huge emotional whirlpool. I imagine it's something like being on the verge of leaving mortality. But there, we can have peace and calm knowing that God has a plan for us, and that when we've done our best despite our mistakes He'll welcome us home with rejoicing and gladness. And I guess it's the same for the end of the mission. And right now is the time to go down in a blaze of glory.

The highlight of the week was getting to Skype the fam yesterday to celebrate the dia de la madres. Basically it was just a "see you in a week!" kinda deal.

I also was on exchanges 3 out of the 7 days this week, which was hectic. I probably left something in every apartment, and I know I did in at least 2 of them.

Today I'm heading to McAllen for a 3 day meeting and won't get back until Thursday night, after which we'll be frantically getting stuff together for a) the concert we're having on Saturday and b) the missionary Sunday the day after. Fun times! Maybe I'll be so busy I'll forget about dying?

I love you all. Period.
~Elder Dylan Young

May 4, 2015: Mission Log #whoscounting

May 4, 2015: Mission Log #whoscounting

The week in review-

Monday we got invited to half of MLC, which is usually just for zone leaders and STLs. "You're playing with the big boys now...!" It was a great meeting. We needed it. I'm probably more pumped than just about ever, despite the fact that I've pretty much been going through the 5 stages of grief (or the Kübler-Ross model; look it up) as my final days approach.

Also with so little preparation we all had to improvise as far as sleeping accommodations went.
Don't they just look snug as bugs in rugs? Or... snugglies and bugglies in rugglies? You know what I mean.

But enough about that.

The town of Raymondville sports the aptly named Smiley Face Park, with this water tower looming over it.
Adorable, right???

And last night I had my first homemade tacos since I got to Harlingen like 4 months ago. They came from the Daniels, who are as white as white can be. The Rio Grande Valley is a silly place.

I just wanna encourage every single one of you, know matter who you are, where you are or what you're doing, to enjoy every single minute of it. 'Cause time like literally moves faster and faster the longer it goes. I can't explain it, but you definitely don't want to look back with any regrets when it (whatever it is) is over. You feel me? Me explicit?

Mosiah 24:14: "And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions." Sometimes we have tough experiences so that we can: 1. See the hand of God, 2. Bear witness of God, and 3. Strengthen each other with our faith. As the people of Ammon shared their experiences with the people in Zarahemla, they bonded with them and were united and all of their testimonies were strengthened. 

Burdens and trials are great. We all know we came to life to be tested, right? So we have trials. How do we pass the test? Well, obviously, we shouldn't turn to wickedness or sin to get away from hard times. But not failing isn't the same as passing or even acing a test. We all know we need to have faith, but what happens if we go through trials with bad attitudes? We're not passing the test! One of the biggest things I've learned (and am still learning) is that, as long as we're doing something good, the Lord doesn't care so much about what we do about it, but how we do it and where our heart is. And obviously doing that will strengthen our testimonies!

I love you all like Lindsay Lohan loves attention: with a desperate, depraved obsession.
Just kidding, but almost. <3 div="">

Con mucho amor,
Elder Dylan Young

April 27, 2015: Adventure is Out There!

April 27, 2015: Adventure is Out There!

Lots of excitement this week. We took an excursion up north to the far reaches of the Harlingen 1st ward, including the towns of Raymondville, Las Perlitas, and Port Mansfield. It was about a 100 mile round trip, but we met lots of great people out in the boon-docks, a lot of whom have never seen missionaries in their lives.
Look! It's the ocean! Yay!
There are a ton of deer up there too, for some reason.

In an unrelated incident, we found a live crawdad chilling outside our front door, about a mile away from the nearest canal.
We messed with him a little before letting him crawl away. We have no idea how he got there, or what happened to him. But he'll always have a special place in my heart.

Then on Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Brady and got to teach Andrew, aka "Bam." He's black, which already makes him awesome. And he's also an olympic gold medalist in boxing. How legit is that? Too legit to quit. He even has a catch-phrase. It's "Yeah, baby."

Today we just found out that we're going to an out-of-the-blue meeting in McAllen. Pfft, we didn't need any miles anyway, that's what bikes are for.

Life is gran in the Rio Grande, brothers and sisters. Stay cool.
<3 div="">
Elder Dylan Young

April 20, 2015: Ch-ch-ch--ch-changeeesss!

April 20, 2015: Ch-ch-ch--ch-changeeesss!

Everything's all topsy turvey here in the Rio Grande Valley. Long famous for being one of the only universally bilingual missions in the US, the changes that started in the McAllen area have spread east to the Harlingen Stake. Every companionship is now assigned to just one ward, like all of the other boring missions in the world. It's for the best though. There won't be as many missionaries in each ward, but each companionship will be totally focused on that one ward. The end goal is to help everyone become more active disciples and members of the church; no more relying on the 12 missionaries to take care of everything for you.

So we found out about this on Tuesday, and got the new area assignments Wednesday, and it's been hectic ever since. Elder Boyer and I had to switch apartments with Elder Ward and Elder Alonso, and now I miss my boys Elder Browning and Elder Brady.

We had interviews this week as well with President Maluenda. Basically what I was told is that I'm almost dead so don't screw up.

I got my hands on a clarinet yesterday from some member that hasn't touched it in years. It's really nice, too, a Buffett E11. I'm a little rusty after 2 YEARS, but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things in time for the missionary concert we're putting on in the park on May 9th. (It's gonna be ssssiiiiiiick!)

We were exploring out in the boonies again and found this funky thing in the same pen as the ostriches:

It's like an African safari out there, except that apparently this wildebeest things are native to Texas? (Someone look them up.)

I also learned how to make a snake skin belt. We pulled up to a member's house just in time to see her neighbors with a 33 inch coral snake they had just killed (like the "black and yellow kill a fellow" kind). She peeled off it's skin, showed us all the eternal organs, and then pulled out another snake about half as long that it had recently eaten and was working on digesting.

These same neighbors have a pet raccoon that's morbidly obese. It's hilarious. Pictures to come.

I thought this was amusing.
And that's all I have to say about that. I loooooooooooooove yooooooooooooooou!!!

~Elder Dylan Young

April 13, 2015: Lo que pasa es que...

April 13, 2015: Lo que pasa es que…

A new transfer. New dreams.

I'm gonna miss these goobers.

But now we have two new goobers! (pictures forthcoming).

And also, my old friend Elder Pope is now one of my zone leaders. Whee!

My new comp Elder Boyer is a boss, and super hard working, which is good since hopefully he doesn't let me die to hard over the next few weeks.

We went exploring out in the middle of nowhere and discovered Jurassic Park.

That's right folks, an ostrich farm. One of them got super mad and tried to kill me from behind the fence. I felt like that guy on the toilet who gets eaten by the tyrannosaurus rex.

The fireflies have been just getting more and more abundant, and coupled with the splendid array of lightning bolts splitting the heavens, I've been incredibly grateful for our ability to appreciate the wonders of nature, and for said wonders, both of which come from our loving Heavenly Father. Everyone go outside and just stare at something for a few minutes: the night sky, a distant mountain, rolling hills or deep green forests. Then listen to "My Heavenly Father Loves Me," from the Children's Song Book, preferably a rendition by MoTab or your favorite Mormon A Cappella group (of which there is a plethora.)

I love you guys like Sonic the Hedgehog loves corn dogs (yes, that's cannon).
~Elder Dylan Young

April 6, 2015: You Would Not Believe Your Eyes

April 6, 2015: You Would Not Believe Your Eyes

If ten-thousand fireflies
Were floating around Harlingen yesterday...

It was a magnificent sight. Plus, it was like the third time I've ever seen any fireflies in real life. I wish I could have taken a decent picture of them, but alas, 'twas not meant to be.

I hope everyone had a magnificent Easter Holiday. Did everyone enjoy smashing confetti filled egg shells on each others heads, or was just just us? I hope everyone watched general conference as well, since it was a blast. I've never felt so spiritually boosted. I know we all get down on ourselves every once in a while. Come on, admit it. But you know what? We don't need to! Just rely on Jesus Christ. Just like the #BecauseHeLives video says. So watch some general conference (right here: ) and prepare to be refueled.

In other news, transfers snuck up on us once again. Elder Torres ya se va! We don't know where he's going yet. Or who my new comp will be. But I'm here in Harlingen for 6 more weeks... no more, no less. *gulp*

Just think how great life would be if we always recognized all the little miracles and blessings that surround us, that God is pouring out on our lives every minute of every day? I could recommend a bunch of little gimmicks and plans, but really it's all about putting forth the constant effort to change our attitudes. Let's all make the world a brighter place, shall we?

I love you lots, my peeps and peep-ettes. Stay classy.

~Elder Dylan Young



That was the noise I found myself making leaning over the toilet at 3:57 this morning. It must have been food poisoning or something, and the same thing happened a few weeks ago, but for the life of me I can't figure out what's doing it.

Since I'm now too tired to really remember what happened last week, and considering how comfortable this library chair is, I'll keep this email brief and let you all go watch the #BecauseHeLives video over and over again.
Watch it.

This week had some exchanges with Elder Sherman, which was fun, and I got to hear a new original song by the one and only Elder Renshaw, which is always a blast.

And I saw this van: 
Tee hee.

Everyone just cheer up a little more, and the world will brighten up a little as well. Se lo prometo.

I love youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
~Elder Dylan Young

March 23, 2015: Road Trip!

March 23, 2015: Road Trip!

Elder Browning needed an MRI, so we packed our bags, loaded our district into the van and took a trip down to Brownsville for P-day!

We took advantage of the situation to go digging for some more ties. It was the first time for most of the missionaries. I thought I was over my tie addiction, but boy was I wrong.
In other news, we had a great week. We got to do a zone blitz up in Rio Hondo, and Elder Young and I got to work together! He's cool because we are the same, and also he and Elder Pope went to high school together. We as missionaries get asked often enough if we're brothers just because we're both named Elder (because that's how brothers work), so imagine everyone's surprise when we had the same first AND last name.

I got to whip out the good ol' Plan of Salvation laminated object lesson, where every phase of life is represented by a planet or cloud or something with an adorable smiley face, and the kids loved it. In one way or another, the gospel of Jesus Christ makes you happy. So everyone come listen to the gospel!

I loves you all, 'cuz yous are mah peeps.

~Elder Young

March 16, 2015: Tick Tock

March 16, 2015: Tick Tock

That subject line is not a reference to how little tiempo me queda on the mission. It's because Elder Torres has been sick a lot this week, and I've spent quite a bit of time in the apartment trying to keep busy and not go insane as time ticks by. It's good though, because is means I'm no longer able to sit and do nothing for hours on end without getting fidgety (take that, Internet!). It's bad though since Elder Torres is still sick. :(  Keep him in your prayers.

The time we did have out on the streets, though, were great. We found a lady, half Puertoriqueno but born and raised in El Salvador, who was baptized as a kid with her brothers and sisters, but is currently and active Jew with her parents. Now all you people outside the Rio Grande Valley might be chuckling at me right now, but this was one of the most exciting things of my mission! Everyone down here is some kind of Christian. This is gonna be a great change of pace. They're a great family, too, with three adorable tex-mex kids. She fed us the first day we met, how cool is that? (Well, it happens more than you'd think, but still.)

We celebrated Ultimate Pie Day by eating cake at a member's birthday party. Blasphemous, I know. (Mom sent an Ultimate Pi Day package full of Krispy Kreme pies but it's stuck at the mission home.)  

Well, I'll have another chance 100 years from now, right?

Also, I forgot to mention Tiwi.

Tiwi is our new best friend who lives on our windshield. I have to log in every morning, and Tiwi uses a state of the art system of GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope technology to keep track of when I'm speeding and driving too aggressively (sharp turns, hard bumps, screeching stops). He sends a report of my driving to the mission office at the end of every transfer so they can enforce disciplinary action if necessary. The Missionary department is rolling out Tiwis all over the US and Canada, so be ready, you.

I love you like Uncle Iro loves his tea.
~Elder Dylan Young

March 9, 2015: Wet and Wild

March 9, 2015: Wet and Wild

But maybe not so much on the "wild" part.

McAllen broke a record daily rainfall yesterday, so that was moist.

This week was a blast. We had zone conference! So I guess that was kinda wild, in a spiritual sense. We talked a ton about faith and using faith to make things happen. Fear is the opposite of faith, as we all know. I realized I've written down a lot of the same notes about what I could do better during every single zone conference. So I guess that means it's time to do something about it, right? Boo-ya.

There were two baptisms during the week as well, which obviously were wet, and they both went great. The power of God really is made manifest and felt the strongest as we participate in ordinances. So good.

We met this cool family with at least 13 kids in the house. The oldest is like 15, and the rest are no older than 11. It was hard to count for sure, they were running around haciendo travesuras pretty wildly. Except for when they all stopped what they were doing and recited Juan 3:16 in unision. It was adorable and somehow intimidating all at once.

Elder Torres has been up and down with some health issues all week, and Elder Cannell had explosive diarrhea yesterday. I puked my guts out last week, which means Elder Browning is next. Mwa ha ha haaa.

It's cheesy, but so true. God's love is bigger than anything we can imagine. It's "unfailing," or like constant and never missing. All we gotta do is go look for it.
Peace out, boy and girl scouts!
~Elder Young

March 2, 2015: Sunrise, Sunset

March 2, 2015: Sunrise, Sunset

The transfer calls didn't come in until like 10:45 Monday night, but they came. And I'm training! Kind of. My new comp, Elder Torres, is from Massachusetts. He served for about a month in Argentina before getting reassigned here. So still plenty green. He's also one of those Latinos that never really learned Spanish growing up, so even though he picked up a lot already, we get lots of funny looks when I speak Spanish.

Like these ones

Here he is asleep on the floor after praying the other night.
We're hilarious.

He's a boss, though. He was baptized just a year and a half ago, but look at him now, out preaching the gospel with the big boys.

​There's not a ton to report this week, other than the fact that I got some kind of stomach virus or something yesterday, which put a damper on the day. But today I already ate a full bowl of corn flakes, so everything's gotta be in order.

Spiritual Thought: Just keep the darn commandments, yeah?

More pictures coming anon. I love you all like curly fries. If I had a choice between curly fries and you, I would pick you.

~Elder Young

Me and my posterity at transfers

Eric getting baptized last week. He even got up and bore his testimony yesterday, that little spiritual goober.

February 23, 2015: What Just Happened?

February 23, 2015: What Just Happened?

I can't ever remember what happened over just one week, and now I have to tell you all about 2 whole weeks of action-packed missionary life? That's just asking too much.

2 Mondays ago, Elder Harmon, Elder Browning, Elder Cannell and I went golfing with a member at the Harlingen Country Club. Definitely classy. I even hit the ball well one time, so that was exciting.

Valentine's Day, us four got together again and decorated cupcakes and rice-krispie treats with some other members. We had a blast, some of the treats came out almost professional like.

The Monday following, I drove to McAllen back to Harlingen and then back to McAllen again. SO MUCH DRIVING. But it's okay 'cause the last trip was us going to THREE DAY TRAINING, where the mission president Presidente Maluenda basically blows our minds for three days so that after we recover we're all better missionaries. I got to see lots of old friends and reminisce on the good old days. When Hermana Sauceda from one of my old areas found out that a bunch of her old missionaries were in McAllen, she baked us an enormous chocolate cake to share.

There were a lot of great musical numbers. I am in love the the song "Consider the Lillie" and commit everybody to listen to it. And Elder Pope and I got to perform our rap song "Preach the Gospel" during the lunch break. I admit, I was a little rusty on the guitar. Those five notes are trickier than they look.

This Sunday was the busiest, craziest day of my life, it was all worth it since there were 4 people who got baptized! We've been teaching Eric, and Kevin, Carol, and Ray from La Feria all got to be baptized as well. Remind me later to talk about how it went.

Then after the baptism was the Harlingen Zone tex-mex musical fireside. Everybody was a fan of the ocarina.

We don't know anything about transfers yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm staying. This is the latest it has ever taken for them to come; who knows what they're plotting.

I love you all and sincerely apologize for the long email. Have a good'n!

~Elder Dylan Young

February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

I love seeing the little things that the gospel does for us. We all talk about the big things and great changes it makes in our lives, but we don't see them as often because they take time. We notice them more looking back. But little bitty fruits of the Atonement spring up in our lives all the time, and they're easy to miss if we're not looking for them. I admit I haven't been keeping good track of them recently, and I journal writing has gone down the tank. But starting now I'm going to do better. I mean, sure, we're going to remember every little detail after we die, but I for one would rather not wait that long.

We're helping a great guy, Jesus, through some troubles right now, but he's super stoked to make it back to church.

Our buddy Eric may be the craziest 16-year-old on the planet, but we love him to death.

This weeks district meeting was based entirely around that primary song about how faith is like a little seed, which, if planted, will grow. Lots of pictures and cuteness.

We were fed more this week than probably the last 3 weeks combined.

We removed an old faucet and installed a new fancy one for some members.

I went on an exchange with Elder Harmon, during which an old blind lady told us about when her dog got baptized. Later, Elder Harmon saw a crazy, middle-aged, overweight guy standing naked inside his house. Thankfully his brain has already blocked out the memory pretty well.

We had a fun zone meeting, and I totally destroyed the move-a-cookie-from-your-forehead-to-your-mouth-without-using-your-hands game.

We're going golfing today, for my first time ever, so wish me luck or a broken leg or something along those lines.

LOL! (That stands for "Love ya lots!")

~Elder Dylan Young

February 2, 2015: Om nom nom

February 2, 2015: Om nom nom

I've eaten more than two quarter-pounders with cheese this last week. I regret nothing.
But one of the two original Iwo Jima memorial statues is here in Harlingen, for some reason. 

Elder Harmon studies by candlelight because our apartment has minimal light fixtures.
 We knocked on a door late the other night literally just in time to end an argument and stop someone from getting kicked out of the house, so that was exciting, too.

I went on an exchange with good ol' Elder Renshaw as well. Unfortunately, his guitar is currently broken, so I missed out on the best part of the exchange. However, we DID get to se a photo of a tortilla with Madre Maria burned into it, so that was exciting.

This week was super full and busy, but looking back I have no idea what happened. On Thursday we had a surprise zone-wide exchange. I went to the Aeropuerto area with Elder Malovich. We had a blast, even if my bottom is still sore from riding on Elder Serra's bike all day. 

Sorry if the email's a little scattered, because so am I, if that makes sense.

Today's spiritual thought is brought to you by Moroni:

And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.
It's fairly straight forward, isn't it?

If that's not enough spiritual thinking for ya, just watch this video again:  You shan't regret it.
~Elder Dylan Young​

January 26, 2015: You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

January 26, 2015: You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

You better not pout, I'm telling you why;
Elder Oaks is coming to tooooowwwwn.

He actually already came.

That's right folks, on Saturday every missionary in South Texas met together with an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was incredible and inspiring. I learned so much. I even learned that Elder Oaks is a goofball. He may seem serious and stern during general conference, but he told us that's because when you're talking to about 3 million people, and you have the first presidency sitting right behind you, you're not gonna crack a giggle.

Also, due to a series of unpredictable events, I ended up at the Maluenda's house for a while Friday afternoon, helping Sister Maluenda set the table and make tamales for Elder Oaks's first dinner in McAllen. That was intimidating. I've never put so much care into folding a napkin before.

Elder Oaks's main focus for his mind blowing meeting was revelation and inspiration. What I learned more than anything was that God is almost constantly giving us guidance and direction; that's what the gift of the Holy Ghost is for. What keeps us from realizing this and recognizing the promptings is just our lack of faith. We need to truly believe that God is trying to communicate, because 1) we can't hear the Spirit if our heads are full of doubts and worries, and 2) true faith will motivate us to act, be obedient, and truly seek out the inspiration we're looking for.

On Sunday I convinced Eric, our investigator, to come to church by making him PB&J's. That was a first.

Sorry no pictures this week. Here's an emoticon instead: ___/\__*\o/*__
That's right folks. A shark attacking a cheerleader.

For those in the Northeast, try not to get stuck in a block of ice, since if you leave the world in our hands you may not like the future you end up waking up to when you're discovered and thawed out 100 years from now.

That's all, folks! Love ya!

~Elder Dylan Young

January 20, 2015: Digging My Own Grave

January 20, 2015: Digging My Own Grave

First of all, sorry no email yesterday, it was MLK day. We celebrated by eating oreos and drinking both chocolate and regular milk.
Also, I got transferred! Ah! To Harlingen! AH!!! I still can't get out of the valley to save my life. And with 3 transfers left, chances are I'll stay here until I go home... hence the subject line.
I saw my old comp Elder Pope at transfers. It was good.
Harlingen's a nice place. It's a bit more American than the rest of the valley, and WAY more so than Las Milpas. Everywhere I look I see Texans, and I can't remember how to relate with English speakers. I've caught myself saying "nombre" and "ay" to white people all the time.
My new comp is Elder Harmon, he's chill. I live with Elder Browning and Cannell in this weird loft thing. I drive a Dodge Caravan now, and we have to go shepherd around another 4-man district (the wolf pack) because none of them have cars.
I am "Momma Wolf"
This Sunday was stake conference, and there were some members of the quorums of the 70 down to call a new stake president. They spoke really powerfully about hastening the work of salvation. I've never been so pumped about family history! 4 more months, though.
I'll report more as time goes on, I guess. Until then, peace out girl scouts. And save me some thin mints.

<3 br="">
Elder Dylan Young

January 12, 2015: Anticipation

January 12, 2015: Anticipation

It's tangible. We always know who's leaving and who's staying for transfers by Sunday morning, but it is now 11:00 a.m. on Monday and we haven't heard diddley squat, nor any other kind of squat for that matter. I'm sitting on nails, figuratively of course.
It's been a fun last week of the transfer, with lots of meetings and exchanges and bonding time. We had entrevistas con Presidente también, and those were fantastic. We're really just shooting for maximum excitement and ánimo for these last 3 transfers. As Elder Lindsay oft would say, "Let's GO."
Other highlights; Elder Hancock and I were basically the guests of honor at Cassandra's 12th birthday party. They put together and entire carnival out of random stuff in their back yard.
Being a missionary is the best!
Also, I've become a professional at climbing into a filthy brown, plugged up baptismal font using garbage bags to shield my legs from the bacteria-infested sewer backwash. Once again the plunger did nothing and we had to move the other Elders' baptism to another chapel. But lots of people came and it was fantastic.
Confirmed: Elder Oaks is coming the end of January, along with Elder Lynn G Robbins and maybe someone else. We'll be having a mission-wide meeting, the first since I've been here. Yipee!!!
Scripture: Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, andsaid: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictionsand will give unto you success.
The Lord will comfort us, always, if we just keep our chin up and press onward. There is literally nothing that can keep us down. How cool is that???

This is what a Bodega looks like. This is where we get all of our ties.
Love ya!

-Elder Dylan Young


What'd y'all think???

January 5, 2015: FROZEN

January 5, 2015: FROZEN


So yeah we got to watch Frozen on New Years Eve. My inner man-child was squealing with glee the entire time. And I've been dying to make a snowman ever since, which, unfortunately, is impossible, even with that pack of fake snow I got for Christmas (I just can't make it stick together no matter what I try).
It's been one of those weeks where we've been soaking wet and freezing cold the whole time, but hey! It could be a lot colder! (cough Canada cough).
Thanksfully, we got to sit down with a lot of people this week and warm up por un rato, and we've been meeting lots of cool people. That "He is the Gift" program the Church worked and a great little family wanted missionaries to come over, which surprised me since I didn't realize anyone here knows what the Internet is. (Kidding! We're super advanced down here. And totally ready to get iPads, (cough cough)
One night, one of my zone leaders and I somehow ended up on an exchange in neither of our areas. But we found the members' house okay and then getting back home was easy.
Also we contacted a house full of like 25 bros from Mexico who drive around in their giant bus and perform as 'La Banda Terrones." Look them up and see if they're any good.

My spiritual though this week is this video:
I know Christmas is over, and you're probably all seen it already anyway, but like... we're a little behind the times down here, ya know? (cough) (iPads cough)
Love y'all, peeps. Keep it real, and feliz ano nuevo! Sean cuales sean your new years resolutions, just don't give up on them after 2 weeks, alright?
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Elder Young

December 28, 2014: Still Dreaming of a White Christmas

December 28, 2014: Still Dreaming of a White Christmas

Not that I had a lot of faith that we could have a white Christmas. It did snow Christmas day ten years ago, but before that it had been 100 years since it snowed in the Rio Grande Valley. If it did snow, everything would shut down. All it takes is a little rain and temperatures below 60 degrees for the entire population to go into lock down.

I almost shed tears of joy when I opened this present.
It's back and better than ever! Probably the third best Christmas present imaginable. Number 1: The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who conquered death and made it possible for all that's wrong in the world to be made right. And number 2: Skyping home with the fam. Good times.
We waved to some dudes while biking home one night, and one of them made a chicken noise at us. Like, "Bu-gawk!!!" really loud. I was speechless.
"Hey bro, bet you won't make a chicken noise at em." ... "Dude, did you see their faces?!?"

Which reminds me of a joke. ¿Qué dijo un pollo mexicano al otro? ... ¡Vente pa' acá!

I got my first flat tire since I started a year and a half ago yesterday. Look how excited I was.
We still haven't cleaned up all the discarded wrapping paper, we won't stop listening to Christmas music until January, We have enough leftover tamales in the fridge and candy in our cupboards to last until February, and the Christmas trees are probably staying up forever. But the thing is, we don't need all these things to keep the Christmas Spirit with us all year long (although candy does help). All we need is to pray for and strive to develop love and charity for all the people that surround us, and we'll be merry e'rry day.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year, vatos!!!
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Elder Dylan Young

December 22,2014: Waaaar Issss Ooooo-verrrr. . .

December 22,2014: Waaaar Issss Ooooo-verrrr. . . 

A very Merry Christmas. . .  and a Happy New Year!!!

Let's hope it's a good one. Without any fears.
So last night we sang a bunch of Christmas hymns with the stake youth choir down at the Hidalgo festival of lights. It's a fabulous veritable winter wonderland down there, in spite of the lack of snow.

In other news, everyone in the apartment is sick except for me. But they'll never catch me, no sir. I'm invincible. I wrote that in my notes when Elder Foster did a conference with us, so it must be true.

Speaking of general authorities, we have a confirmed Apostle visit at the end of January. And we're all pretty sure it's Elder Holland. So if anyone out there happens to see Elder Holland around the town, could you do us the favor of asking him? Thanks.

Highlight: Our awesome amazing investigator family bought us tacos.

Bummer: But then I accidentally left them at a crazy person's house.

Highlight: We had the Christmas zone conference, at which I saw Elder Lindsay, our slightly racist Christmas skit got some good laughs, and we saw a surprise slide show full of baby pictures of all the missionaries.

Bummer: I jammed my left thumb playing basketball and then smashed my right thumb locking up the bikes. For a couple days, I was thumb-less.

Clearly, life is full of ups and downs. But when you think about, the only things that matter are the ups. :) Everyone remember the reason for the season: "And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."

There is no better time to be happy. Neither is there any better time to help people who aren't happy to be happy. So go do it!

In closing, although it's been said, many times, many ways: Merry Christmas to you.

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Elder Dylan Young