February 23, 2015: What Just Happened?

February 23, 2015: What Just Happened?

I can't ever remember what happened over just one week, and now I have to tell you all about 2 whole weeks of action-packed missionary life? That's just asking too much.

2 Mondays ago, Elder Harmon, Elder Browning, Elder Cannell and I went golfing with a member at the Harlingen Country Club. Definitely classy. I even hit the ball well one time, so that was exciting.

Valentine's Day, us four got together again and decorated cupcakes and rice-krispie treats with some other members. We had a blast, some of the treats came out almost professional like.

The Monday following, I drove to McAllen back to Harlingen and then back to McAllen again. SO MUCH DRIVING. But it's okay 'cause the last trip was us going to THREE DAY TRAINING, where the mission president Presidente Maluenda basically blows our minds for three days so that after we recover we're all better missionaries. I got to see lots of old friends and reminisce on the good old days. When Hermana Sauceda from one of my old areas found out that a bunch of her old missionaries were in McAllen, she baked us an enormous chocolate cake to share.

There were a lot of great musical numbers. I am in love the the song "Consider the Lillie" and commit everybody to listen to it. And Elder Pope and I got to perform our rap song "Preach the Gospel" during the lunch break. I admit, I was a little rusty on the guitar. Those five notes are trickier than they look.

This Sunday was the busiest, craziest day of my life, it was all worth it since there were 4 people who got baptized! We've been teaching Eric, and Kevin, Carol, and Ray from La Feria all got to be baptized as well. Remind me later to talk about how it went.

Then after the baptism was the Harlingen Zone tex-mex musical fireside. Everybody was a fan of the ocarina.

We don't know anything about transfers yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm staying. This is the latest it has ever taken for them to come; who knows what they're plotting.

I love you all and sincerely apologize for the long email. Have a good'n!

~Elder Dylan Young