October 20, 2014: Attention Boys and Girls

October 20, 2014: Attention Boys and Girls

Transfer calls have come in and... nobody's leaving in our district. Just a couple changes in the other district.

However, we did get some really sad news on Friday. One of our zone leaders, Elder Casteel, had to go home Saturday to get some medical exams done. If all goes well, he'll be back here in a couple weeks, but in the mean time we're all praying for him. It was definitely a wake up call for all of us, how every day here in the mission is so important and we can't afford to miss a single one.

This whole week we've been bike-less, since Elder Lindsay has a rash from biking. Also, for the past month and a half he's been putting on the exact opposite powder that would have helped. Hopefully we'll be back on bikes soon, bumming rides off of members when none of them even have cars is getting kind of old.

Speaking of cars, our super boss recent convert Kimberly's car died Friday night. The worse part was that the gears were stuck and we couldn't put it in neutral to push it off of the street. Her entire extended family came out to help and there was a ton of yelling and children running around everywhere. Thankfully, we're basically in Mexico, so an old mechanic guy down the street came out and crawled under the car and got it un-jammed. 

Since Kimberly usually lugs somewhere around 10 people to church every Sunday, we had to make a lot of phone calls and organization. We called it "Operation: Mobilize Las Milpas." Everything turned out great.

On Sunday, a super cool young couple was about to be baptized, when we found out at the last possible second that they aren't technically married yet. The other Elders got the wrong documents from the courthouse. And you know, you can't make a covenant to keep the commandments if you're not technically living them yet. So they debated doing a marriage ceremony right then and there with Bishop, but they decided to wait to do it Saturday. Things were kinda awkward for a bit but I think it turned out okay.

Spiritual thought: I finally got caught up with conference. It's the best. I loved President Uchtdorf's talk. We all can accomplish anything; not just accomplish, but become. The trick is just letting the Savior take control.

That's about it for today. Lyl! (It means "love ya lots!")

In other news, check out this sweet shirt I found:
What is the space monkey dunking on?
Does he know know his space suit has holes in it?
There are so many levels in this t-shirt.

Goofing off
Quote of the week:
"Out of all the farts, in all the farts world, yours stand alone." - Elder Browning