October 13, 2014: "Man, this wind blows."

October 13, 2014: "Man, this wind blows."

-said Elder Lindsay while we were biking the other day.

On Tuesday we had a surprise 6 zones out of 10 meeting, the primary purpose being to watch Meet the Mormons. Definitely a must see. Plus when the Bishnu guy dances it reminded me of hitting the floor at stake dances. Good times...

While we were waiting for everyone to show up to the movie, President Maluenda talked about goals. Basically, there's never any excuse for not hitting a goal in life, no matter what it is. If we set a meaningful goal, we have to hit it, because otherwise we know that either our plans or our execution kinda sucked. Hitting goals is such an incredibly important life skill. Hopefully I figure it out pretty soon... cough cough... 

I just looked up and saw that Taylor Swift appears in the movie, "The Giver", at least according to this poster in the library. Good to know.

We're teaching a cross dresser and he even came to church yesterday, so I can cross that off of my bucket list. He loved it, too.

Mostly this week has just been super busy like always, but we keep chugin' along, rain or shine, since those are the only two options. (Hah! Take that, snowy places).

There's a family in our area who were taught and converted by the McAllen sister missionaries a few months ago, who crossed like four areas, two wards and a stake boundary to poach them from us. They let us over and everything, but we've never been able to convince them to come to church with us. And now we just found out the Sisters are teaching another member of the family, which is great and all except for all of the people in their own area who they're not teaching. Oh sisters, when will you learn?

That's about all to report for today.
Con todo cariƱo,

Elder Young