May 11, 2015: One Week Moooooooore!

May 11, 2015: One Week Moooooooore!

Can you hear the elders sing?
Singing the lyrics "Hasta ver"?
These are the words you hear when stuck between
Excitement and despair.

When the Spirit in your heart
Tells you you've worked and served your best,
It's time to see your home and family
And get some rest!

Being this close to "dying" puts you through a huge emotional whirlpool. I imagine it's something like being on the verge of leaving mortality. But there, we can have peace and calm knowing that God has a plan for us, and that when we've done our best despite our mistakes He'll welcome us home with rejoicing and gladness. And I guess it's the same for the end of the mission. And right now is the time to go down in a blaze of glory.

The highlight of the week was getting to Skype the fam yesterday to celebrate the dia de la madres. Basically it was just a "see you in a week!" kinda deal.

I also was on exchanges 3 out of the 7 days this week, which was hectic. I probably left something in every apartment, and I know I did in at least 2 of them.

Today I'm heading to McAllen for a 3 day meeting and won't get back until Thursday night, after which we'll be frantically getting stuff together for a) the concert we're having on Saturday and b) the missionary Sunday the day after. Fun times! Maybe I'll be so busy I'll forget about dying?

I love you all. Period.
~Elder Dylan Young