April 27, 2015: Adventure is Out There!

April 27, 2015: Adventure is Out There!

Lots of excitement this week. We took an excursion up north to the far reaches of the Harlingen 1st ward, including the towns of Raymondville, Las Perlitas, and Port Mansfield. It was about a 100 mile round trip, but we met lots of great people out in the boon-docks, a lot of whom have never seen missionaries in their lives.
Look! It's the ocean! Yay!
There are a ton of deer up there too, for some reason.

In an unrelated incident, we found a live crawdad chilling outside our front door, about a mile away from the nearest canal.
We messed with him a little before letting him crawl away. We have no idea how he got there, or what happened to him. But he'll always have a special place in my heart.

Then on Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Brady and got to teach Andrew, aka "Bam." He's black, which already makes him awesome. And he's also an olympic gold medalist in boxing. How legit is that? Too legit to quit. He even has a catch-phrase. It's "Yeah, baby."

Today we just found out that we're going to an out-of-the-blue meeting in McAllen. Pfft, we didn't need any miles anyway, that's what bikes are for.

Life is gran in the Rio Grande, brothers and sisters. Stay cool.
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Elder Dylan Young