April 13, 2015: Lo que pasa es que...

April 13, 2015: Lo que pasa es que…

A new transfer. New dreams.

I'm gonna miss these goobers.

But now we have two new goobers! (pictures forthcoming).

And also, my old friend Elder Pope is now one of my zone leaders. Whee!

My new comp Elder Boyer is a boss, and super hard working, which is good since hopefully he doesn't let me die to hard over the next few weeks.

We went exploring out in the middle of nowhere and discovered Jurassic Park.

That's right folks, an ostrich farm. One of them got super mad and tried to kill me from behind the fence. I felt like that guy on the toilet who gets eaten by the tyrannosaurus rex.

The fireflies have been just getting more and more abundant, and coupled with the splendid array of lightning bolts splitting the heavens, I've been incredibly grateful for our ability to appreciate the wonders of nature, and for said wonders, both of which come from our loving Heavenly Father. Everyone go outside and just stare at something for a few minutes: the night sky, a distant mountain, rolling hills or deep green forests. Then listen to "My Heavenly Father Loves Me," from the Children's Song Book, preferably a rendition by MoTab or your favorite Mormon A Cappella group (of which there is a plethora.)

I love you guys like Sonic the Hedgehog loves corn dogs (yes, that's cannon).
~Elder Dylan Young