May 27, 2014: Miracles out the Wazoo

May 27, 2014

Hey, I don't care what the miracles come out of, miracles are miracles, right?

So first of all, Jesús finally came to church. FINALLY. He enjoyed all the lessons and made lots of friends, even though (or maybe because) he's a silly old man.

Elder Wasden and I gave talks during church. They went well, except Elder Wasden kept saying things like "en el nombre de tu Hijo, Jesucristo" to the congregation, which is like telling them "in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ" but, you know, in Spanish. He's so green and adorable.

Meanwhile, in the English ward... remember that guy we found at a gas station who told us he wanted to join the church? Probably not. Well he came on Sunday and blew everyone's mind. He somehow managed to come to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true by only studying it online. He's never even been to, just like actual online stuff. There's not a lot of nice things about the Church online; even for an intrepid Internet explorer such as myself who grew up in the Church, it can be a little shaking. So that's incredible. Anyway, he wants to turn his life around and is willing to give up everything for God's help. So he'll be getting baptized ASAP.

So what has made the difference between this awesome exciting weeks and all the dull boring disappointing ones we've had? Basically we all figured out how to get rid of doubts and fears. We all know God wants everyone to come unto Him and feel real peace and joy. So what could possibly slow Him down? Obviously we have to do our part, do everything we can. But when things go wrong, just start looking for another way. When things look hopeless, just remember there's no such thing. (<-- That was good, I think I'll coin that).

So everyone remember that I love you and God loves you and it's a wonderful world.

~Elder Dylan "Sarsaparilla" Young

This sign says "Watchale con el Dog." If you weren't sure, that's neither English nor Spanish.