July 6, 2014: Homeless

July 6, 2014: Homeless

So my time in McAllen came to an end on Wednesday. I'll miss these guys. 

I finally got to go back to the Brownsville house, sleep in my bed, see all of my ties, work in my own area... it was quite a relief. Even if on Thursday we did some kind of zone-wide crazy exchange, and Elder Berger took Elder Anderson's spot. He's cool though, we had fun.

On Friday, the trio was finally back together! Elder Anderson, Elder Sessions and I, just like the good old days. And just in time to celebrate American Independence Day. Everything was going swell, until we got a call at like 1:30. Elder Sessions had to pack up so he could go move into another area here in Brownsville with a missionary who was just getting back to Texas because he tore his ACL a few months back. So they were going to go "whitewash" the area. It seems our trio wasn't meant to last.

The day carried on fairly normally. We weren't allowed to work past 6:30 since things get crazy-go-nuts out on the streets during holidays. So, we all went to a church party for a ward that wasn't even ours (well, it was actually Elder Session's future ward.) They had karaoke and stuff.

In zone meeting on Saturday we learned that we have to be like Sea Bears, and go up and attack (talk to) everyone who's not standing in an anti-sea bear circle. Well, we should talk to them, too, but really the point is it doesn't matter how people seem or what they're doing, everyone needs to hear about the gospel.

Then we got another call; Elder Sessions AND I were leaving for the new area, the elder coming in would take our spot. So with this and the whole McAllen debacle, all and all I got about a week the area I was assigned to 3 weeks ago. But it's all good. We're back to riding bikes everyday, which I'm actually a fan of. Elder Sessions not so much. Even though neither of us have any idea what we're doing, that's not gonna slow us down. Well, maybe a little (especially if we get lost), but it's not gonna phase us, ya know?

We moved into the old apartment Saturday night. It's not too bad but it smells like poop. We'll try to fix that. Church was good, even though we had no idea who lives in our area, but we managed to find a couple of them and set up some dinners. Dinners are nice.

Here's our fridge as of right now:

We'll work on that too.

And as if that wasn't enough, we just found out that they'll be doing renovations on the apartment Thursday and Friday so we'll have to move out for a little bit. I don't even know where they'll put us. It's okay, as long as I have my little bag tied to a stick with me, I don't even need a home.

That's about all to report right now. I'm exhausted, a little nervous, but mostly pumped to explore this whole new world ahead of us.

Love y'all, dawgs.

~Elder Dylan Young