June 23, 2013: Crazy Times

June 23, 2013

Crazy, crazy, crazy times.

So on Monday we made a music video as a zone to "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." It was legit. Then Bishop's wife made ramen sandwiches for all the missionaries and they were actually delicious.

Tuesday came and it was time to say goodbye to La Joya. I drove the Zone Leader's awesome truck all the way down to Brownsville. Our district down here is called "the dirty south" because in Southmost's area we go as far south as the mission lets us. I'm in Los Ebanos, which is an awesome place from what I've seen so far. I'm working in a trio, with Elder "Big Andy" Andersen who was about 6 months left and Elder "Seshy" Sessions who has about 6 months in, so I'm right in the middle. Elder Andersen can't bike because of health problems so we don't take bike days, just drive and walk, despite the area definitely being smaller than my first area we had to bike in. We live in a house that a recent convert rents to the mission, and the zone leaders Elder Garcia and Elder Paulsen live with us. They're goof balls.

I somehow haven't eaten a taco in over a week. Not that Brownsville is any less Mexican than La Joya, but all of the members who fed us this week had stuff come up and couldn't cook. So lots of pizza and burgers. And speaking of food, Elder Garcia scheduled 6 meal appointments in a row on Friday. SIX. He's an animal. So Elder Paulsen made me go on an exchange for three of them. But then we were running late and by the time he joined us we were only on our way to first dinner.

Sunday was good, I went to the English ward which was neato. There was a baptism after, and out of nowhere, my MTC companion's older brother showed up to watch with like 4 of his buddies who are down here working in McAllen. Apparently they got to eat out together one time, but "just one time" as President Maluenda put it.

Now things get really weird. Sunday afternoon, I get a call saying to pack up enough stuff for a week, I'm going to go work with the Zone Leaders in McAllen, Elder Pyrah and Elder Munoz. Background story; Elder Pyrah backed into Elder Munoz's leg with the truck, and he just yesterday got out of the hospital, so he'll be in and out of the mission office, switching between resting and working with us until he gets more better. I always had a feeling I'd be working in the McAllen Zone again, but not like this.

The good news is, I found a Schlotzky's Delli here in McAllen, so we'll be eating there soon.

Here's the La Joya gang before I left, wearing our La Joya ties.

And here's the Brownsville house celebrating Elder Session's birthday.

I love you all so much. Stay classy.

<3 ~Elder Dylan Young

I TOLD you the music video was legit!