June 30, 2014: En El Pueblo De Sion

June 30, 2014: En El Pueblo De Sion

is the name of the song we sing every Monday morning. I don't know why, we just do.

So I'm still in McAllen with Elder Pyrah and Elder Munoz, although it looks like I'll be heading back down to Brownsville on Wednesday. I've been here longer than I was there. I even get to be part of the zone shirts, so that'll be cool. We're getting World Cup Jerseys because, well, it's the world cup. Mexico already is out, though, (so we've heard), so everybody is pretty bummed out.

Here we are being thugs
On Wednesday, I drove down to the Brownsville/Harlingen zone conference with one of the office Elders, and came back right after. I had just had zone conference in Mission before the transfers happened, but it was pretty cool getting an extra one. I even sang in a quartet with about 30 seconds warning, it was great.

So the other day there was this little set of like 4 steps going up to this trailer. We were helping Elder Munoz get down, when one of the steps broke and he fell on his face in the mud. It was the saddest, funniest thing I've ever seen. Thankfully, his bad leg wasn't hurt at all, but his other one is now sore. He doesn't do steps any more.

All in all, things have been going great here in McAllen. I almost got to be here for the baptism of a cool kid name Emmanuel, but we had to push it back until next week. :( He's a cool kid alright. He calls the people we visit our "patients." If that's not cool I don't know what is. Plus his family made us a bunch of fajitas and it was flipping delicious.)

There's this lady in the ward who doesn't even live in our area who's been giving us food basically every day, since I guess she thinks that since Elder Munoz can't work we're unable to feed ourselves. So. Many. Leftovers.

The McAllen chapel has a door that confuses me:
I bet Narnia's behind it.
Spiritual thought: Earth Wind and Fire. With earth, wind and fire, you can do anything. Earth is your strong foundation, your testimony and your knowledge. Wind is your faith and prayers, the power of God carrying you skyward. And then you need fire to go out and make it happen, not taking any excuses and going hard. The spiritual thought would've been more relevant if it were September, but that's okay.

I love you all like nobody's business. Take care y'all.

~Elder Dylan Young