July 14, 2014: Settling In

July 14, 2014: Settling In

Another crazy week, but it's all good.
Monday was pretty cool, first we dug through like a dozen nasty warehouses ("bodegas") looking for nice ties. We got a few.

Tuesday was district meeting, followed by a zone blitz-krieg over at Port Isabelle. There are some great and spacious building round those parts, let me tell ya. Here's a bunch of us standing next to a light house: 

Just behind the lighthouse is the 3-mile bridge leading to South Padre Island, one of the most infamous spring break party spots in the US. Needless to say we're not allowed over there under any circumstances.

So then on Wednesday we moved out of our apartment AGAIN so that some senior missionary couples from the office could come down and do some renovating. They were told to make sure it was "ready for Sisters," so it's entirely possible that in 2 weeks I'll be transferred again and the area will be "pink washed." It's all good though. We stayed with Elder Foremaster and Elder Weeks, who are way cool.

We also blitzed Los Ebanos, the area that Elder Sessions and I started in a month ago. That was super weird.

On Thursday we learned that no matter when or what day you do weekly planning on, nobody will answer the phone. It's like they know.

On Friday we had interviews with Presidente Maluenda. He's a boss. I love how he just inspires people to be better, you know? I hope I can inspire people to be better. That is what I try to do every single day, after all.

We're slowly getting to know the members and slowly starting to get fed more. Elder Garcia and Elder Paulsen are still stealing their old members from us for meal appointments, but at least they usually invite us. Usually.

We moved back into our apartment yesterday and it's all pretty and reorganized. There's so much room for activities! And it only kind of smells like poop now, no longer overwhelmingly so.

That's about it.

Spiritual thought: Alma 8. How do we deal with disappointments? Do we continue working hard and keep a good attitude even when things look hopeless? What can we do to receive strength from the Lord?

All right, y'all. Love ya. Peace.
~Elder Dylan Young

P.S: Rumors confirmed. The iPads are en route.

P.P.S: I made a dinosaur out of my leather-man and named him Albert.