There is nothing else this week nearly as exciting as listening to the prophet and the Apostles share God's word with us. Zone meeting was kinda fun though. We had an Olympics competition (I'm still not sure why) but our district won. Then Elder Pope and I performed the missionary rap song we wrote earlier in the week. It was awesome, I'll try to send our professional recording to y'all.

While organizing all of the old church magazines we have laying around the apartment, we stumbled across a gem in the Extra Laugh: "My kids and their cousins were having a play marriage in the back yard. My son performed the ceremony something like this: 'Do you take this man to be your awful wedded husband, as far as he is translated correctly?'"

Heh heh. Mormon humor.

I don't even know what to say about general conference other than that everything they told us is absolutely true. Trusting on the Lord Jesus Christ and relying on His wisdom, always striving to live worthy of His blessings, is the only way to find true and lasting peace in life as well as find the strength to cheerfully overcome any kind of trial or hard time life throws at us. And the true and complete gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to us by Joseph Smith. Read the Book of Mormon; it honestly is the most powerful, life changing book in the world. If anyone reading this hasn't watched conference yet, do it! We just sit all day on our computers anyway, right? Here it is for your convenience: 
I promise you'll like it.

Basically I love you all.

Questions and comments from watching the Book of Mormon seminary videos:
"Is that Bobba Fett?"
"Were teenagers older in the 90's?"
"Is she eating a beet?"
"Why is she wearing mom-jeans?" "Well she IS a mom by now." "...aaah!"

Until next week,

~Elder Dylan Young

Hola familia!
Or should I say, Aloha ohana!

I can't believe you're all in Hawaii without me. It's okay though. It'd be super hard being a missionary in Hawaii since the ocean is always there. Even the little lake here in La Joya is super tempting. 

Speaking of getting married, I found out that one of my BYU friends is engaged. I guess it was going to happen eventually. As soon as I found out, I just assumed that everyone I know back home must be engaged or married. Have there been any other wedding announcements on Facebook that I missed?

I can't believe Spencer likes tacos!!! He better like them because if he gets sent down here that's all he'll eat. There's one taco stand that a member takes us to ALL THE TIME. It's called "El Jefe" and it's suuuuper good. Did he like the Roast Beef too?

I'm excited for Macadamia nuts!!! I saw some plain ones at Walmart in the baking aisle and my mouth starting watering.

I love you so much!!! Have fun in Hawaii for me!!!