Yep, still a missionary


Yep, still a missionary.

The good news is, we were super busy this week! It kinda seems like it's been a super long week, partly because we're emailing today because the libraries were closed yesterday for Easter.

In our spare time before bed each night we worked on our La Joya district flag to bring to Zone Meeting for 2nd bimonthly Mission Olympics (which we won again.) 
We even made up a song for it this morning:

"Blue! The diamond on this flag!
Brown! The words on the flag!
Blue! The hashtag on the flag!
Brown! The lines on the flaaaag!"

Try to guess the tune!

And we wore matching blue and brown ties to show our district spirit.

Other District Flags
On Saturday I went over to the other apartment for exchanges. I had eaten a lot that day, and my tortilla tummy was feeling especially bloated. So we may or may not have drawn a basketball on it, and I may or may not be sending the pictures out...

My companion was deaf in one ear all week, so he had to get an earwax removal kit from Walmart. It foams up in his ear all funny.

We got matching Spider-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog watches at Walmart as well, which are each of our favorite superheroes. (I don't care what they say, Sonic's a superhero to me).

Easter was super-special-awesome, obviously, and not just because I got to eat a bunch of Easter candy. We missionaries went to the Bishop's home and had a real Easter dinner: honey baked ham and funeral potatoes. Mmm-mmm. We had a good time. We also smashed eggs full of confetti on each other, since that's what we do during Easter.

It was great being able to remember the sacrifice that Christ made for us. Well, as missionaries we kind of do it all the time, but it actually helped having a whole day dedicated to really thinking about what it all means. The Atonement of Jesus Christ made it possible that everything wrong, weak, broken, sad, or unfair in the world can be made right again. Because of Him, we have hope of a better future. We can all overcome the world and all the negativity it throws at us knowing that there's so much more waiting for us. We just need to keep our chins up and bear with patience the trials we have, knowing that it's all just going to make us stronger. I know that God really is our loving Heavenly Father, and that Jesus Christ willingly suffered more than we can imagine so we wouldn't have to.

I love you all!
"Now that we're men, we have facial hair…"