Super Missionary Squad

March 24, 2014

Who's up for another round of... MISSION LOG??????
Here we go.

Last p-day was a blast. We went to a park and barbecued. We played capture the flag in a ravine. I scampered around on the park toys for a while.

And to celebrate having hit our zone goal, as well as the end of our zone leader's mission, a member made us a pinata of him. After the stick broke we just starting punching it, which eventually turned into a gang beating. It was quite a gruesome sight. But candy!

On Tuesday after district meeting we went to district lunch at some barbecue place. It was good in my tummy.

Wednesday we spent the whole day with a super cool member, going around finding people to share the gospel with and stuff. We ate so many times that day. I... I almost didn't make it.

Thursday we did an exchange. Elder W. and I tearing things up! After a while the member who always takes such good care of us picked us up to feed us again. We got in his truck and he told us he was on his way to help some other elders in the district with a lesson, but it's okay cuz we'll just invite them to eat with us. They were confused when we all showed up, but we just went and contacted referrals in their area during the lesson. It was like... an exchange within an exchange blitzing extravaganza. It went well. We found some new investigators for them and everything!

"He's just a friend like those I've got in dozens
A kind unselfish boy who understands my pain..."
That's right, Elder M.'s mom sent him the Saturday's Warrior soundtrack. It's really quite silly.
"Who will survive? Who will survive? Not one of us will be alive!!!!"

We thought about going to the carnival a lot. They're popping up all over the place; both missionary apartments in our district have one right next door. They look awesome but maybe a little riotous.

"Polar Dog" came home. Apparently he ran away before I got here. He lives outside the apartment and barks all night. He's huge, and loves to jump around in mud puddles with a giant goofy grin on his face. He and Derp Dog are best friends, I suppose.

The most exciting news this week: transfers. I'm staying! No surprise, I just got here. But Elder M. is out of here and Elder S is gonna be a dad! Yay! So my companion and I get to be the crazy uncles. It's like a dream come true.

We got more ties today. 77 whole pounds this time, and a member even got them for us. Yes, it was the same one. He's... well off.

Missionary scripture of the day: Alma 31:26-38. 
Kinda helps me get pumped up in the morning, thinking about the super missionary squad and stuff, ya know?

I love you all like a Mexican loves flour tortillas. Peace out!

~Elder Young

Hola familia!!!
Tanner's going to Bulgaria?!? That's crazy. Tell him congrats for me!!! That will be a ton of fun. 
Man... going to Hawaii. How come it seems like Dad always gets sick right before spring break? It sounds like he really got super sick. Get well soon, Dad! I miss you too!
I have a bunch of little things I'm going to send home for birthday presents. All I need to do is write the birthday cards and get everything packed up. And you know how I am about writing cards... I'm going to send everything all at once so I can just do it and go.
I remember band trips. Elder M. and I talked about our marching band uniforms today. His looked like the ones from Santa Clara Vanguards. I wish I could hear the band again, and especially your solos! How's Spencer's cornet coming along? Is Justin Toney teaching him a ton?
Sister Shepherd said she saw you guys out walking the other day. Do you take walks a lot now that the weather is getting better? Or is it still like a Sunday thing?
We'll definitely dress up derp dog, and maybe even polar dog, and send some pictures back.
I love you all so much!!! I miss you but the time is flying!!! Thanks for everything!!!