But then everything changed. . .

Mission Log: Elder Young

"But then everything changed when the fire nation attacked."

That basically sums up this week. There was a surprise mission-wide meeting on Saturday with some leaders from the general missionary department of the church. A bunch of leaders and other random missionaries were invited. Naturally, I wasn't. So I just did what I always do when I don't get invited to parties, stay home and play Pokemon. I mean go out and teach the gospel. Definitely not Pokemon.

Basically, from what we've heard so far, we've all been teaching wrong. Super wrong. I can't even really describe the changes we're making in the mission because I'm still trying to understand them. Basically, we're getting down to the basics. We're teaching short, simple lessons. We're focusing a lot more on the Restoration and Book of Mormon. Using pamphlets more. And getting people on mormon.org Here are some highlights from what the conference, conveyed third-hand to y'all:

"Prayer is not a sandwich!"

"You see this?" *Holds up an iPad Mini* "Well you're not getting them."

"You completely misinterpreted 'Teach people, not lessons.'"

"You know who has the keys for confirmations?" *President Maluenda stands up and does jazz hands*

"Forget everything you know. All your gimmicks and teaching skills are like barnacles, slowing down the ship. You know how we get rid of barnacles? We sail into fresh water."

Whew. It was intense. I wish I could have gone so I could see people who know what they're doing show us how we're supposed to teach now. But even though we're all greenies once again, I know these changes have all come straight from a prophet of God. It's time to lengthen our strides and hasten the work. It's gonna take a ton of hard work and practice, but the gospel will be spread faster than it ever has before, I just know it. It's a great time to be a part of God's army, ladies and gentlemen!

And heads up, fellow missionaries, these changes are slowly gonna be coming world wide. Just so ya know.

Anyway, other than the fact that everything I know is wrong, missionary life carries on like usual. Elder Pope saved a baby's life from an electrical socket at church. Our recent convert made it through a whole fast with us, even with him being a bigger guy. I learned that the ribbon of a Hershey's kiss is called a niggly wiggly. And our comp study opening hymn band just keeps getting better. Love you all! 

"Los Misioneros: Poniendo el "Angel" en "Evangelio" desde 1830."

Elder Pope Without Limbs

The only hand-drawn ferry in the US, right here on the border!

Look! It's Mexico! Hi, Mexico!
Hola Familia!

Man, Big White looked fun. Even though it's nice getting out of the cold for a while, I'll be excited to go back to ski and stuff again some time. 

Congratulations, Cassadah!!! I'm super excited that you're going to BYU-Provo. That projector will be a lot of fun, plus New Heritage has a lot more room for activities and things. When do you sign up for classes?

That's cool how the new convert used Mormon.org so much. As part of that life-changing meeting they told us that at the end of every first lesson with someone, we have to go to mormon.org with them and show them the chat room thing. The plan for the future is that most missions will have iPads, and every missionary will spend a few hours a few days a week doing to chatroom teaching with people all around the world. We're stepping into the future!

I'm sure her friend could feel the spirit as Cassidy talked and testified, even if he was just going into it as a school assignment. Be sure she invites him to church! Or send Sister Shepherd to him. It's so crazy she's in the ward. I guess I can't do anything  to stop you from showing the baby pictures, even though it'll be kinda awkward.

Welcome to the family Oliver! Another baby cousin! Yay! Is Spencer super excited? He's super cute.
My newest cousin!

Don't worry about the Bible videos too soon. I'm still pretty overwhelmed with the new teaching system, I don't know how I would use them. But I know if I just lose my life in trying to understand how to help people, the Lord will bless us with understanding of "the mysteries of God." I lost my Nikon camera charger, though. I bet Walmart has some, I'll check today.

I love you all so much! Thanks for being the best!

~Elder Dylan Young