Good Morning World!

Goooooooooood morning world!!!

Isn't it a good morning? It may not actually be morning time, but it's always a good morning here in the Rio Grande Valley.

There's not a ton of stuff to report this week. We had a zone conference all day long about how we are supposed to teach the new simplified way. We role played so much using the pamphlets and Books of Mormon. We didn't even get to the next three lessons, but we have to master crawling before we can try doing somersaults.

The ward here in La Joya is great. Even though daylight savings time took a toll on our attendance yesterday, the ward is really putting itself into a missionary-minded mood. All the leaders are coming together to strengthen the members already in the church who need to be brought back into God's fold, as well as reaching out to their friends and neighbors and relatives.

All's well. Our recent convert still thinks we're the "Normans" and the other knows me as "Mr. Lee" but they're just awesome. We knocked on the door of some lady who was just so happy to be alive. I... I don't think she was drunk or high, except for high on Jesus. She couldn't stop laughing. Then we went to her neighbor, some old single guy who let us right in and was super cool and talkative, but kicked us out as soon as he got the Restoration pamphlet. Not because he got mad at us or anything, it's just because all he wanted was the pamphlet.

Today... today we went to a Bodega. And we bought ties. My very first tie dig! Yay!!! 55 lbs of used ties for a dollar a pound. We bring them home in a big cloth bag that smells like pee, and then we sort them all out to find the good ones. Each of us walks away with ties worth much more than the 15-ish dollars we spent. Plus they're super pretty, and furthermore, I got one that lights up and sings Jingle Bells.

The derpy dog that lives outside our apartment, to whom I loving refer to as Derp Dog, loves that we have piles of ugly ties laying around. Her name is derp dog because she has a leg that broke and didn't heal right, and it swings around all funny when she runs to greet us.

On a spiritual note: God loves us so much. That's why he gave us the gospel, that's why we're all here in the first place, and that's even why we go through trials and hard times in life: All because he knows exactly what it'll take to make us as happy as we can be. So why be sad when we can be happy?

I love you all my dear ones. Hasta luego!

~Elder Dylan Young

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