A few short emails

This week, Dylan wrote short, separate emails. P-days are still very busy for him! We hope to get some longer letters in the mail soon.

Hi Dad!
The mission's going good. We do have lots of people to teach every day, although sometimes they're hard to get a hold of. Our building is a quadruplex, and our house only has my companion and I in it. It's pretty roomy. I haven't spoken a ton of Spanish yet, but we're finding more Spanish investigators now. Happy 40th Birthday Aunt Missy! The party sounded like fun. We have one elder in our district who's native Mexican and a couple more in the zone. I'll keep working hard!
Elder Young

Hi mom!
I forgot my camera again, so hopefully next week for sure. I'm planning on cutting my hair today, so it'll be nice and short for the pictures. Thanks for the Greenie box!
"Characters of Christ" is definitely one of the best talks I had ever heard. I'll try to think of some goals you could make and put them with the letters I'm going to write. We hardly have any computer time today, so I'll talk a lot more in those. Sending down my Texas waffle iron with the huckleberry syrup sounds good though, and I think I need three more short sleeve white shirts.
I love you all!!!!
Elder Young

Hi Cassidy,
Llama fest!!! That's awesome. It sounds like EFY was a blast. I'm sure your lesson on Sunday was awesome. Marching band sounds like it's gonna be awesome too! I hardly have any time today on the computer so I'm going to try to write a bunch of letters later. Keep doing everything you can to stay close to Christ and strong in your testimony. I love you!!!
Elder Young