An Extra Letter

Since Dylan leaves for Texas on Monday, he had an extra mini p-day on Saturday to do laundry and figure out all of the details before he leaves the MTC. So, we received a handwritten letter in the mail and an email this week! They included a lot of trip details that I left out but here are the highlights:

Hola Familia!

It sounds like the Fourth of July was a ton of fun, like usual. Is the old fireworks launch pad still holding up? Is anyone swimming in the lake yet? I miss all of the cute cousins. I haven't seen any babies in a long time. Hopefully I'll see tons in Texas. On the Fourth of July we got to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks and eat ice cream and stay up late. 

I got the package with all of the camp cousin "Everything's Bigger in Texas" stuff, and it was all so cute! Hopefully I'll be able to eat all of the food I still have before I need to go, but the newer districts should be able to help with that. I got the Dear Elder letter so I'll have everyone's cell phone numbers ready for Monday. And the phone card is already in my wallet ready to go.  I'm so excited! It doesn't yet feel like I'm actually about to leave, but I'm definitely ready to get out of the MTC.
I can't believe in just a few short days I'm going to be out in the real world! We're planning to hand out some cards at the airport, just to get a head start. The gospel is true!

Thanks for all of your letters and prayers! 


Elder Young

Our District with Hermano Warburton (one of our teachers)

Our District with Hermano Pence (another one of our teachers)