Hola familia!

Hola familia!!!
Has it already been a month? Holy cow. This past week has been a crazy one. The Condos and Young Women's camp both sounded super much fun! How was the water at the lake? Did anyone go swimming? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually kinda miss Zion's camp. Spokane really is a beautiful place.

It's awesome getting to hear about all the new mission calls and life adventures of all my old friends. You have permission to like any significant or awesome post you see, just so they know I'm still thinking about them.

For the Tuesday night devotional last week, Janice Kapp Perry, the composer of a whole bunch of primary songs, spoke. She told us how she met her husband, and the first words he said to her were, "I think those lips were made for more than playing the Clarinet." Then Brother Perry got up from his seat, walked over, and kissed her right there in front of the entire MTC! It was hilarious. He got a standing ovation and everything.


It's sad, but the MTC is dissolving our zone. There'll be no more missionaries coming in, and they're slowly reassigning all of our teachers and eventually even our branch presidency. It's too bad, since we have pretty much the best zone in the MTC, but I'm sure all of our leaders have other important work to do and people to bless.

I've been watching some of the Bible videos about Christ's life the past week, and they're all really awesome. I especially like the one with Him telling the parable of the prodigal son. It's such a strong story of redemption, forgiveness, and love.

YW camp managed to get 200 Young Women away from screens for a week, but just think about how many young men and women are leaving everything behind for two whole years! What other Church could inspire such dedication and sacrifice?

I hope you had fun at the Condos, Spence! I can't believe you know how to play racquetball. Keep practicing and we'll have to have a challenge some day. Were all of the cousins really cute? It's awesome that Jon Rogers is home! How's the minecraft castle doing?

Was it the worst Condos ever, Dad? Did you at least win the ping-pong challenge every day? That reader board ("Sometimes you have to believe to see") was definitely true. We receive no witness until after the trial of our faith. Faith is the most important thing as a missionary so that we can help bring miracles to the lives of others.

I hope I get Cassidy's letter soon!

I think that's about it. The days here at the MTC can get a little bit repetitive, plus my email time is short.

Just remember that even when times are hard, God is always there ready and anxious to reach out and help us. Remember that even if we feel terrible, overwhelmed, lonley, or unworthy, Christ has already suffered through every trial we may have. He stands at the door, knocking. All we must do is let him in.

Con Amor,
Elder Young