Another Busy Week

Monday, August 5, 2013

I remembered pictures today! This one is from the last Sunday at the MTC:

And finally one of Elder Charles and me. I even cut my hair myself:

I've really tried to write some letters, but all of the Elders just want to play soccer all day on P-Days so I never get any time. I haven't gotten your letters or the shirts yet, but hopefully I will today. I'll still have a lot to talk about though, so don't worry.

The gear shifter on my bike snapped off the other day, but some members drove us down to Bike World and they replaced it for free since we bought it from them. So that was awesome. I'm doing well. The members are feeding us well, and I haven't gotten sick or had any injuries.

This week has been insanely busy because we got a couple mini missionaries. I don't know if they do that in Spokane, but the young men and women from 16 to 18 who live down here get to spend a week with the full time missionaries in other wards. We got Lico and Saul, and they were pretty awesome. It was stressful, though, because we divided our area in half and I took either Saul or Lico by myself every day. I had to plan and be in charge and not get lost and everything. It was only my third week and I had to be senior companion! It was really, really hard, but the only way to grow is to be stretched. I absolutely had to rely on the Spirit with everything we did.

The power of the priesthood is huge. God really has given His authority and the the responsibility to act in His name. I have given a couple blessings already (in Spanish), and I don't think I mentioned it, but my first Sunday here I confirmed a husband and wife that had been baptized just before I got here. They're awesome. We're hoping I'll get to do my first baptism sometime this month. I'm so grateful to have so many opportunities to bless others with the power of the priesthood, and I'm especially grateful to Dad for being a worthy priesthood holder all these years, leading our home and helping us grow up strong.

I think maybe a good missionary goal for back home would be just bringing people to Church. I say that because it's what we're struggling with right now with our investigators. We can invite them and remind them and make sure they'll have a ride, but it's so much more effective when friends and families bring people to Church. So I guess we can all work on getting people to Church this week.

A conference talk that has really helped me out this week is Elder Holland's "Lord, I Believe." Nobody in the Church has a perfect knowledge of everything, and everyone is going to go through difficulties, disappointments, and sorrows. But if we rely on and are true to the faith we do have, even if it's no more than a desire to believe, then we know that all things are possible, and if we endure, our knowledge will only increase. It comes step by step, little by little, but as long as we're progressing, that's what's important. We have to have patience with ourselves and with everyone, because we all have shortcomings. The Lord knew we would all have shortcomings, but he also knew we could overcome them, if we rely on Him.

I love all of you and I'm praying for you every day. Keep working hard and don't let you weaknesses or worries hold you back. The Church is true!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Young