We have to be meek and humble in order to learn & improve

Monday, October 14, 2013

It's been another great week here in Texas! It still feels crazy hot outside every day, but it has probably cooled down some since I first got here. We had a bunch of transfers this week but my companion and I are still here. Now we have lots of new missionaries. They're all super cool. We already might have too much district unity for our own good, but we get work done for sure.

So my companion's pedal fell off on Thursday, and we still haven't gotten around to fixing it. He had to go one pedal for a while until we got back to the apartment. We've just managed to get rides everywhere we need to go between then and now. Hopefully we'll take care of that today or tomorrow. 

Last Monday the conference talks weren't available for print yet, but now I'll print some out to study for sure. I think my favorite talk though was President Uchtdorf's from the priesthood session. The Sister missionaries hid in the mother's lounge during the priesthood session and listened to the whole thing, so it's probably okay for Mom and Cass to listen to it too.

It sounds like you all had another awesome trip! With the zoo and the show and everything. I'm sure Cass had a great time too. I can't believe she's already sending in her BYU application! I'm sure she'll get right in to New Heritage. That'll be super cool, she's gonna have a blast.

We had a baptism on Sunday! Her mom and a bunch of her siblings were baptized months ago. She's been taught a bunch and been to Church a few times, then suddenly out of the blue decided to be baptized. Even though she felt pretty sick, she still came and it was super cool. 

Here's a picture of our last district meeting before transfers. 

And this one one is a picture that's been in our relief society room for a long time. It cracks me up every time. Here's a hint: one of those words is not like the others.

I've learned so much on my mission so far. Even though it is insanely hard a lot of the time, it wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't. We have to be meek and humble in order to learn and improve. Just like that poem you sent me in my greenie package, through storms and wind and rain, in both trees and men, good timber grows. And to quote Batman's dad, "Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can get back up again." I know the Atonement is real and that it's only through faith in Christ and His power and sacrifice that we can become the people we are meant to be.

Another thing I learned is that you should always get Little Caesar's pizza with crazy crust. It's life changing. 

I guess to close, each of you really is as awesome as I said in those letters. Even better, actually. I can't thank you all enough for how much you've all helped me in life. I love you all sooooooooo much!!!!!

Elder Young