Do Everything You Can To Love The Lord

Hola familia,

I'm going to start off with the answers to all those questions:

Where do you go to use the computer?
We use the computers at the South Texas College mid-vally campus, which is in my area.

Do you talk with both ward mission leaders all of the time?
Yeah, we have two coordination meetings each week, one for each ward, with all 12 missionaries in the ward, the ward mission leaders, and often a member of the bishopric and/or some auxiliary leaders.

Where do you go to do your laundry?
We have a washer and dryer in our apartment, which is super convenient.

How is your morning study time set up?
During personal study, we try to study according to our investigators' needs. I usually read a chapter from the Book of Mormon and then go into Preach My Gospel to really dig into specific topics, whether it's from the lessons or stuff to help us teach better. I'm also slowly but surely reading through Jesus the Christ, which is super cool. I've learned that the more you understand about Christ and His life, the more you can appreciate all He did for us and the more love you'll have for Him, which leads to becoming more like Him as well as having more love for the people all around us.

What is your typical schedule on any given day?
Every morning we get up at 6:30 am and work for a half hour. We eat breakfast and shower and everything and begin personal study at 8. At 9 the companionship study begins, where we go over lesson plans and stuff, and then it's spanish study at 10, lunch at 11, and then we head out to work until 9 or 9:30 pm. A lot of days have some kind of meeting or something to break it up, either in the morning or in the afternoon, like coordination or district meeting.

Also, each companionship does get the Ensign every month, but last month we only got the Liahona so maybe it would be good for you to send one.

Whew. Well, this Tuesday was crazy. We got a call right after studies started and we were told that the whole McAllen zone had to go down to the mission office because we were having interviews with President Maluenda. Yikes! We were all freaking out but also all super excited. President Maluenda is just super inspired. We got in and said a prayer, he asked como estaba yo, and then kind of looked up and behind me for a few seconds before shooting me with super deep, personal questions. My companion described his almost like there was an angel standing behind him with cue cards. It got me super pumped up though.

Someone's phone just went off and the ringtone was the jazzy version of "Still Alive" from Portal. I just thought I should say something about it before I forget.

It sounds like you've all been busy like always. How does Cassidy feel with marching band being over for good? Did they do hackfest, and did she remember how to conduct the Sparticus show?

What's Dad gonna do without the store to run? Just play with Spencer all day?

We had the Spanish ward Halloween party this past week. The Sisters made the Elders little cards that said "Hermana" ("Sister") on them for us to tape to our plaques. They also gave us bows. It was silly. But there were two members just in our area that brought friends that we met, so it was super cool.

Man it's super cool we're gonna have a baptism in good old Spokane!!! I'm super excited for her. What you have to do now is use this to get the fire going. The most important thing that determines how much missionary work gets done in a ward is how excited the members are about sharing the gospel. Everyone's gotta get involved, but definitely it starts with the leaders, which is why all the work you're doing in the stake, Mom, is so awesome. And it's awesome that Kenna wants to come to church!!!! I'll be praying for all of you and everyone in Spokane to find and seize missionary opportunities everywhere they go.

That's about it. I love you all so much!!!!!!! Just keep doing everything you can to love the Lord!

~Elder Young