Slowly But Surely

January 21, 2014

Hola familia!

Yep, we got the box. Elder Miller was super duper excited about the Mormon Messages DVD's. And the cookies are super good.

Our apartment's fine, we got the window fixed the very next morning. We don't have a new DVD player yet, so we haven't been able to listen to any of the new CDs or watch the Mormon Messages, but we'll get one eventually. We haven't had any other problems with break ins or anything. There was a little while where the toilet tank stopped refilling, and we were using one of those plastic pipe things you sent us for Christmas where you swing them around to make noise to connect from the sink to the toilet so we could flush. But now that's fixed.

The week has been picking up, slowly but surely. We have a bunch of people kind of floating around, with a lot of potential and desires to learn but for one reason or another we haven't really been able to teach a lot. Whether it be for work, funeral arrangements, or... they're kind of afraid of the missionaries. But I know that if we just blew through the mission with a ton of success, converting everyone we saw, we wouldn't learn anything. We're definitely learning a ton these past few weeks. We've been trying harder and harder to rely on the Lord, as well as working more and more on strengthening our knowledge of the gospel.

The zone leaders came over one day and talked to us about working with the members. Our area has the majority of the leaders in both wards, especially in the English ward. Plus the number of less active members in the wards is monstrous... after more than 6 months I still haven't met them all. The Lord isn't going to bless us with more people to bring into his fold if we're not already taking care of the sheep we do have. And a great way we can do that is by working with the leaders. The missionaries don't have enough time to take care of everyone, and neither do the leaders, but the church leaders have all the people in their quorums and groups that they can motivate and inspire to reach out to the lost sheep, both those who have wandered off and those that have yet to find the Good Shepherd.

I love you all sooooooo much!!!!!! 

~Elder Young