Something Exciting. . .

January 13, 2014

Hola familia!!!

It's good to hear everyone's back into the routine. It's Cassidy's last semester of high school - Has she started getting senioritis super bad yet? Just wait until after the AP tests. :P

Man, we find out about more mission calls every day. It's crazy! I'm just waiting for someone I know to get sent down here to McAllen. I mean Rees and Kellsey both went to Montreal, and down here my district leader Elder Merica has a cousin here as well. What if I got to train Elder Facer or someone? That'd be crazy.

Thanks so much for the Mormon Message discs! The other missionaries are already super excited. They even wrote you a thank you note:
"Dear Elder Young's Mom, thank you for being so awesome, and sending the coolest stuff. You are a great example of what all missionary moms could be like! Le Quiero, Elder Miller
P.S. Your son is an awesome missionary. He is doing great work, is a spiritual Giant, y'all did something right at home! " 

This week has been pretty tough trying to find people to teach. Not too many people want to listen to us, and most of the people who do are kind of completely insane. We talked to one guy who told us he has dementia and that he "saw Jesus flying" the other day. We were talking with one guy on the street when the the city judge pulled up in his car to make sure we were okay, because he recognized the guy from court several times. It's been kind of a frustrating week, but we've been learning a lot about patience and trusting in the Lord. We can't let our faith fall even a little bit. All these trials, no matter what happens, are for our benefit to give us experience and to bring us closer to the Lord if we allow it. We had interviews with President Maluenda on Tuesday, and most of what he said was to enjoy the mission and not to be too hard on myself. We've got some big miracles coming up, I can feel it.

Well, something exciting did happen to us on Thursday. We got back to our apartment at the end of the day, put our bikes away, used the bathroom, and when I went to the bedroom to put my jacket away... I saw that my bed was covered in broken glass and the blinds were all torn down. There were two holes in the window right above the latches, and two small rocks on the ground. Someone had broken in! Thankfully, all they took was the small, barely-functioning DVD player, my little speaker, and an extra backpack we had lying around. They left the extra bike, the washer and dryer, and even Elder Flores' wallet which he had on his desk. Whoever this crook was, he wasn't the brightest one around. My only regret is that we forgot to get a picture of the crime scene before we cleaned up. We were just too surprised.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal week. I did an exchange with Elder Solis, it was my first time out of my area for what seems like forever. A nice little break.

I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for all your prayers and love!!! Keep on keepin' on!!!

~Elder Young