Our District - THE UNiT

Hola Familia!!!

Man your week was crazy!!! That's super cool that Dallin H Oaks came down. I'll have to ask Jacob to tell me all about the plane ride. I bet it was super cool. It seems like every single talk and conference now a days is about missionary work, which is super cool. The work is hastening onward for sure. Tell Abby congrats for me!

If you couldn't get someone out of your mind, it probably means something. One thing they teach the missionaries is that whenever you don't feel like doing something, as long as it's not something bad obviously, then that probably means you need to do it and do it soon. I know the opportunity and the right time will present itself in one way or another. 2 Timothy 1:7 is a scripture that my trainer shared with me one time that helped a lot with going out and talking with everyone.

You're actually moving. I don't believe it. A tennis court and everything? That's gonna be awesome. So is the new house going to be all one floor? Or are you just going to install an elevator from the get go?

I'm glad Belle turned out okay. She's still got a while left in her. Is she still super cute and everything?

Well this week was crazy here too. They did tell me I was training in the call but it turns out my companion Elder Flores already had about 6 months in Peru waiting for his Visa and 6 weeks in the Provo MTC. So he's older than me in missionary years but I'm still technically senior comp. Like some kind of adopted father. My Spanish is gonna skyrocket as I help him learn English, for sure.

It's funny because my trainers were both completely different. But they both managed to get work done and get people baptized, just by going about things a lot differently. I guess I just had a lot to learn on both sides of the spectrum.

Elder Flores is great. He's from Lima, Peru, and is the only member in his family. He was baptized when he was 15 and met the Elders by trying to annoy them. He's super great and knows the scriptures super well. He loves the missionary work and works hard.

For Thanksgiving we already have a couple plans, for lunch and dinner, with some different members of the ward. We're getting fed at least once every day this week, which is awesome.

Chocolate Pop-tart with rice. I don't know who I am anymore!

This week we had something crazy. It was cold!!! Even with our sweaters and gloves it was still freezing outside. Maybe I'm just used to the heat or something. Friday was crazy though, it was raining like crazy and we got super soaked. Thankfully a member gave us a ride home at the end of the day and even bought us pizza to warm us up.

We stopped by a less active family last night and finally caught everyone at home. Out of the blue the dad said "yeah we keep forgetting to get our son baptized. You can all come over like every night and teach him everything." Milagro!!! We definitely always need to remember that the Lord works in His own time. As long as we do everything we know we should do and keep up the faith, the blessings will come.

I love you all so much!!!! Keep on sharing the gospel everywhere you go!!!

~Elder Young

Happy Thanksgiving!