We're dreaming of a White Christmas

Hola familia!!!
The new house looks great! That is, if it really is a new house and you didn't just paint the old one. :P
Man when I learned I would be going to Texas for two years I never expected I would end up feeling cold. Some of the other missionaries were making fun of me for having those gloves you sent me. We sure showed them. As long as I have the sweater and the rain jacket on I stay plenty warm. I could maybe use another sweater, but for the most part it's just going to sit in my suitcase all year. One is fine.
The District wearing our sweaters in Southeastern Texas!
I bet everyone missed your pies for Thanksgiving! Is Katniss super cute? Have you seen Catching Fire yet? Our Thanksgiving down here was super great. We had lunch with a family whose dad we baptized a few months ago. It was regular Thanksgiving food: turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, stuffing, sweet potatoes, plus some mexican style rice for good measure. No tortillas though, that would've completed the meal. Then for dinner we ate with the same family we went to for Halloween. We had standard Thanksgiving food there as well. It was all amazing. We still have an entire pie left in our fridge. We're planning on decorating those turkey cookies today. Oh, also, the day before Thanksgiving we ate with the Spanish ward mission leader, Edgar. Standard Thanksgiving plus some ham as well. Everything was super duper good and I stuffed myself. It was Elder Flores' first Thanksgiving and he ate a decent amount. Not as much as us fat americans but still good. Some of the other Elders had 6 dinners in a row on Thanksgiving, pobrecitos ("poor things"). One of them threw up afterward. Hopefully that doesn't happen to us on Christmas.

I'm pretty sure I've been sleeping better with Pupilodicus. I'm not sure what would be on my Christmas list, other than some Mormon Messages DVDs. They're super cool not only for introducing the Prophet and Apostles to people but to help when teaching members. Another thing that might help is a CD with some general conference talks or even the Book of Mormon in Spanish, just to practice listening and understanding. Or I could get some CDs and make those pretty easy, I think. I don't know what Elder Flores would want. He just said whatever. If you want to send something go for it. He's super cool. He's actually the only member in his family and was baptized when he was 15. His testimony and faith are super strong, it's great. :)

I have no idea how Skype will work yet. I'll let you know when we get there. I can't believe it's already December! Six months out. It doesn't even seem real.

We had a miracle yesterday as we were fasting. Not only did all of our investigators come to church (I think for the first time,) but the guy who married a member and has been paying his tithing for months finally decided to get baptized next week. Woo!!! It's a Christmas miracle (I'm dreaming of a white christmas... :P) Actually that's something we could make for a ward vision: let's all dream of a white Christmas as we fill the baptismal fonts with white.
Well, I love you all so much!!! Everyone be safe out in the snow!

~Elder Young