Diligence, Obedience and Love

Hola familia!

The Holidays are definitely around the corner. I think I have enough Christmas CD's, but if you have more cool ones I'd love to have them. I'm sure Spencer's piano recital will be super awesome! And I bet you and dad will have fun planning the Christmas party - I'm sure it will be great too. Is Dad going to be Santa Claus then?

Yeah, I remember the Riley's. I bet the Spirit was super strong as you sang. Our district has already sang at a few funerals, usually for people who aren't members but have a daughter or son who is. The Spirit has always been so strong as we sing and the members bear their testimonies of the plan of salvation.

I can just imagine how awesome The Spirit of God sounded live with the Spirit so strong and everything. Those youth conferences were a lot of fun. Was there a dance too? Did Cassidy like it?

Well, this transfer is coming to a close again. Our district all became super tight, and it kinda hurts to see us getting split apart now. We named ourselves "the UNiT," came up with like a hand signal and even made T-shirts. We'll get a picture of us all wearing them today to send next week. But yeah, we found out transfers yesterday. One of our Sisters is going to Corpus and one of our Elders is leaving for Hidalgo. My companion is leaving too, to be a zone leader in Edinburgh. 
Our District - "The UNiT"

So that means I'll be staying here another transfer, which is cool since I'll get to be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas where I already know the members. It's crazy though since I also found out I'm going to be training!!! AAAAH. I'm getting a greenie. A verdecito. I'm gonna be a dad. I've been kind of freaking out since I found out. I just need to remember that no matter what happens everything is going to be okay. This is the Lord's work and he will not allow us to mess it up. As long as we do all we can, try our best and have faith, He not only will make up our difference but shape us and build us into the missionaries and the people that he knows we can be. It all depends on the three basic principles of missionary work: diligence, obedience, and love. Meeting these things is really how we see miracles as missionaries. And everywhere else in life.

The work keeps rolling onward and it's a wonderful opportunity to be a part of it. I love the Lord and I love you all sooooo much!

~Elder Young

We made it out of ugly old ties while I was staying with the other Elders last week.