Crazy Week

This week was craaaaaazy!
Especially this weekend. On Saturday, we spent most of the day at the Church. We had both coordination meetings in the morning, my companion (district leader) was giving interviews all day, we had a wedding to set up for the Sister's investigators, and I went on a do-or-die lesson with another greenie to see if another investigator was going to get baptized on Sunday. Then on Sunday, between 6 hours of Church, 4 baptisms in the district, fast Sunday, and a missionary ward activity we had to help run, we were all completely drained by the end of the day. But it was awesome! We got to baptize the husband of a member who started coming back to Church a few months ago. They have 2 little kids and they want to go to the temple to be sealed as soon as possible. I forgot my camera, but I'll send the pictures next week. Thankfully we were fed well that night. We had basically as many tamales as we could eat.

The missionary activity was pretty cool. Every member in the Spanish ward was put in a companionship (usually husband and wife) and sent out to go meet with some less active members in the ward. While some weren't home, there were a lot who were. They all shared Henry B Eyring's "Este Dia," or "This Day," and invited the members to come watch general conference this next week. Bringing friends to general conference is a fantastic missionary opportunity. As great and spiritual the talks and lessons are most Sundays, it's hard to beat the powerful testimonies of the Prophet and Apostles.

I did get your package, as well as a package with a bunch of cookies from grandma plus a letter from Facer. The letter and the poem are super awesome. Voy a tratar de traducirlos a espanol, porque no pienso que su esposo hable ingles. We haven't been able to sit down with them yet, but now that things have calmed down a little bit we'll definitely start helping them. I know that faith in Christ and His gospel are the best things to help them right now, because I've seen just how much it has helped all of our family through trials like this. Tell LeAnn thanks so much for sharing! She's so awesome and such a great example for me and all of the family.

It's too bad Battle of the Bell wasn't too fun, but at least Cassidy won't have to deal with the bell going off for another year. The reception sounds like it was awesome and the magic show as well.

Here's a cool little story: A Sister missionary in the district is going home (dying) after this week. She started her mission (was born) in this same ward back in the day. Her very first convert is still here and active, and today they're going to be baptizing her husband, who will probably be her very last baptism of the mission. It's so beautiful how everything came together like that.
That's about it. I'm gonna take this day to recharge. I love you all so much!

~Elder Young