Love Really is the Driving Force

Hola familia!

We couldn't do emails yesterday because the college library was closed for labor day. Everything's fine. (aka: "Don't worry mom.")
I can't believe Spencer finally rode the tube! That's so awesome. 

I think it's supposed to start cooling down here pretty soon. Although, high 90s is cooler than it usually was last month, so that's something. It looks like Cassidy has a great school schedule, lots of awesome teachers. Senior year is weird, since really every day is the last one of those days. It's gonna go by super fast!

I really miss Dad, too, and all of you guys. It definitely helps that we're so busy all of the time, though. The more you guys keep yourself busy, whether it's studying, working, or serving, the faster time is gonna go by.

It's crazy how overloaded Brazil always is! Still, The reassignments are just as inspired as wherever else one gets called, and there are people everywhere waiting and prepared to hear the gospel.

I have been doing pretty well with migraines. I still get them every once in a while. On one hand, I've figured out how to take Excedrin dry. On the other hand, though, Elder Charles once told me I just needed to figure out what I had to learn from these headaches. I remembered back to Bednar's talk on Characters of Christ. Truly Christlike people reach out and help when others reach in. He suffered more than anyone can even imagine, humiliation, agony. He even had the power to save Himself completely. Instead, though, in the midst of His sufferings, He only used His power to help others, blessing them, healing them, forgiving them and even paying the price for their sins. Love really is the driving force behind everything good and righteous.

Here's my new companion. My old companion got sent up to Laredo to be a zone leader. My new companion is pretty awesome. In a year and a half, this is his first time in a bike area, his first time in an area without cheap ties, and his first time as district leader. It's like a whole new mission, basically. Every new companion has something to teach us, and every day is another chance to learn and grow together.

Also, I had my first baptism on Saturday! We had been teaching this great couple for a while, and now they're both coming to church every week. It was so awesome! We're gonna keep working hard and getting more and more people to start on the path to God.
Some scriptures I really like this week are in Doctrine & Covenants Section 1. After all, this section is the introduction the Lord gave to all of the inspiration of this last dispensation.

I kind of thought of some stuff I might want for my birthday. It would be nice to have a small English Bible and triple combination to carry around, since my scriptures are pretty beat up already. For pictures, laminated ones I could carry with me would be awesome. The only other thing is that my mp3 player only kind of works... some CDs would be easier. The stuff I can listen to are hymns and primary songs (in any arrangement), EFY music, Mormon Tabernacle Choir (which doesn't have to be hymns), and classical music. I especially miss all of the A cappella stuff we have, like that vocal point CD and the three InsideOut ones. If I could have some copies of those with a CD case, that would be perfect.
I love you all sooooooooooooooooo much! Keep working hard and sharing the gospel wherever you go!

Elder Young