"Cause every little thing is gonna be alright"

May 5, 2014

Here I am!

Another exciting week here in the Rio Grande valley. Whenever we go by Eloy's house, we help him with his various animals. Whether it be herding escaped goats or walking his horses over to fresh grazing ground. That last one was awesome because we got to explore this old dirt backcountry Texas road. It was exactly like a western movie: dirt, cacti, horses, and Mexicans.

We're kinda teaching a crazy lady. We texted her to remind her to say her prayers and she responded "In Jesus name amen." We had a laugh.

We had Gospel Doctrine class in English because we realized everyone who came preferred English.

We helped a family move which is fun. You know how we start talking all funny when we're talking to babies? Like using nonsense words and a high pitched silly voice? I learned it's even sillier in Spanish.

We were talking to this guy outside when we suddenly realized he had porn tattooed on his forearm. Just another day in the valley.

Transfers are in: Elder P and I are both staying! Whee!!! For kicks and giggles, we told the Zone Leaders that the AP's had told us we were both becoming AP's. To which they responded, "God bless America!" And now we've been saying "God bless America" all the time.

The moral of this week: Don't worry. About a thing. 'Cause every little thing, is gonna be all right.

Con muchísimo amor,

Elder Young

Hola familia!

I bet Cassidy and Tanner were the best dressed people at stake conference. 
They look so good! I can't quite make out who else was in the group. Was the dance tons and tons of fun? Where'd they go for dinner? Where was the dance? I need some details!

I wonder if I'll even like Baja Fresh when I get back. Probably, since I can still eat Taco Bell. I've just realized that it's not Mexican food, it's just American food with tortillas. 

I'll have to read the talk from the CES devotional, a bunch of people today said it was super good.

We just got a call from a member. I was trying to tell him we were in the "biblioteca" which means library but he said he couldn't hear me very well. So I tried saying "librería" which means bookstore and then he knew what I meant. Texas is silly.

Moses is awesome and I realized I really like D&C, but we just don't have enough time to study it as much since it's too much for like investigators. But district leaders and stuff use it all the time for trainings so if I ever get promoted I'll look into it. Have you been studying Preach My Gospel like they said to do in conference? I think it was in Elder Ballard's talk. If not, you should, because it's awesome.

I can text later in the afternoon if that would be better for everyone. Don't worry about getting up early or anything. We'll probably shoot for 7:00 our time, so 5:00 for you. If we change plans I can call you or send you a voicemail or something earlier so that you know. I'm so excited! We'll see if my face has gotten even chubbier since Christmas.

I love you all!!! Have a good week!
<3 Elder Dylan Young
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