Mission Log: Agent Young 2-3-14

February 3, 2014

Just another week in Weslaco. It got cold enough to justify buying sweatpants to wear under my slacks. Afterward I was nice and cozy, but now I have a pair of sweatpants I won't need for another year. The seams on my pants were screaming though; As if my bulbous tortilla tummy wasn't strain enough (See picture below).
This week we talked to a lot of crazy people. We always talk to a lot of crazy people, but this week was especially so. Juan told us he used to read minds, but he would only use that power for good, so he was wondering why God took it away. Not sure how much we believed him. Jamie told us how she's heard scrapings and thumpings in the night, pictures falling off of her walls and light bulbs randomly exploding, but she hopes her Santisima Muerte necklace and candles protect her. That I might believe a bit more, it's some freaky stuff. (Don't go Googling Santisima Muerte).

The good news is we've been reaching out a lot more to people and families who once had the gospel in their lives but for one reason or another had fallen away. Bringing people back to the fold of our Savior is just as rewarding as seeing people come in for the first time. After all, our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ, no matter where they might be on the path.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, a dead possum. Elder Flores was really excited; they don't have possums in Peru, dead OR alive. 
Fun fact: The elementary, middle and high schools down here don't get a day off for Martin Luther King Jr day. But they DO get the Monday after the Superbowl off. Supposedly it's for the teachers so they can recover from all the partying. At least they're honest with themselves. (Go Seahawks!)

It's good to hear we finally got some snow. Now I no longer feel like I'm lying when I tell people "Yeah, we get a ton of snow up in Washington." Then again they usually think I'm talking about DC, even when I specify otherwise, and I think they've had snow all winter, so we're good.

One thing I did last week was print out all of the "Gospel Classics" on lds.org. They're super cool and powerful. Another thing we've been working on is relying more on the Lord. The assistants to the President gave a training on doing everything we can, being exactly obedient and completely diligent, and then trusting on the Lord to give us the success we've worked and prayed for. If we keep stressing or worrying about things we can't control, we're not going to see the miracles. God knows what we're capable of and doesn't ask anything more. Like yesterday, I was a little disappointed since nobody we were teaching had come to Church. But then we realized the family was just a little late and there was no space in the chapel so they were sitting in the foyer. Yay!

Elder Flores and I will be together one more week. Transfers are on next Tuesday, and I'll be dumbfounded if I don't get moved. 

Thanks so much!!! I love you all and I pray for you all all of the time!!!

Elder Dylan Young