Week 2 at the MTC

Hola, Family!
Life at the MTC is pretty insane. They sure push us hard, but it's all worth it getting so familiar with the gospel. It sounds like Summer is off to a good start! I wish I could have seen Spencer passing the Sacrament! I'm so proud of you! Dad's new calling sounds awesome too. Happy father's day, right?
 During gym time, I have played soccer and volley ball, but I mostly like to go running and lifting weights. P-days are probably busier than regular ones. After study time in the morning, we go to the Provo temple and do a session, then eat in the temple cafeteria because it's quite a bit better than the MTC's. By the time we finish laundry and writing, it's time for choir. Almost the entire MTC is in the choir, which is about 1200 people. And it turns out we're going to be singing at the worldwide training broadcast next week! So look out for that. Brother Monson hasn't shared too many other Uncle Tom stories, but his own life stories are plenty inspiring. The way he talks kind of reminds me of President Monson and Brother Barnes put together. I saw Elder Hardy and Sister Norris a couple times, which was fun. I've seen everyone from Spokane several times, in fact. I did get your package, and the fig newtons were a life saver. Teaching in Spanish has been going really well. Mostly everything I learned in high school has already come back, plus I'm picking up on the missionary vocab really fast. The hardest part, believe it or not, isn't communicating in Spanish, but just communicating with people on a deeper level, getting to know and love them and understanding their needs. Of course, that should come easier with actual investigators, but the ones here are pretty good actors.
Just know that I'm doing great and everyone here is awesome. It's amazing how quickly and powerfully the word of God is spreading accross the world. The Church is true!
Elder Joven
 Companions Elder Young & Elder Green
with Hermana Webster

Elder Young with his zone